Why Learn Japanese?

By OptiLingo

Have you ever asked yourself why I want to learn Japanese? Well, there are many reasons why you should learn Japanese. Some people want to learn Japanese because they have been exposed to Japanese culture of respect. Here is a list of why learn Japanese reasons:


Why to learn Japanese language

I am an ESL teacher and I use to ask myself why I want to learn Japanese. I have taught Japanese students in New York. I love the way they look up to teachers and give you total respect as a teacher. My students referred to me as sinse, which is teacher in Japanese. We had wonderful times having cultural exchange sessions and to my surprise many of them were into Jazz and other things. Because at that time I didn’t know Japanese my conversations with them were very limited. This is another reason why learn Japanese culture and why to learn Japanese.


Why do learn Japanese?

Many people become interested in Japanese culture through their Japanamation cartoons or manga or anime. I know people who want to learn Japanese for the simple fact that they want to go into graphic design and penetrate this industry. Such people are generally artists, business people or linguists who just love the art of language. No matter your interest there will always be a reason why people want to learn the Japanese language. Some people just like the sound of the language and are fascinated by its linguistic components.


Why do learn Japanese?

Some people have mixed Japanese heritage and feel that learning the language will help them to tap more into their roots. I know people who are Japanese- American and want to visit Japan and be able to communicate with elderly grandparents. Others want to learn Japanese to get a deeper connection to their history. Here is a list of more reasons why one should learn Japanese:


Why Learn Japanese for Business

Asia is one of the leading continents for business in 2019. Learning Japanese is the gateway to learning other Asian languages, Chinese and Korean. The writing system may not be that easy to grasp at first because it has many different types of characters. There’s also pronunciation aspects to the language that may also deem it to be difficult.

However, one would be surprised that learning Japanese would help you to understand things written in Chinese. It can also be helpful in understanding Korean. Japanese has similar grammar structure to Chinese and Korean. So if you need to communicate with Korean and Chinese students, parents, teachers or friends then learning Japanese will bridge the gap between these languages.


Why do learn Japanese?

Are you still asking yourself why to learn Japanese language? Well for one it can open up a world of wonderful possibilities. It can open up your mind to other types of music, movies, games and a new world of Japanese based media. The best way to get to know a people and their culture is through their media. There are so many interesting aspects to Japanese culture and lifestyle.


Why learn Japanese for Business

Japan is one of the best places for business on the Asian continent. One of the reasons why learn Japanese for business because it is one of the leading places for technology. Japanese are innovators. They have the ability to replicate something and make it more technologically advanced. An example of this is when they invented houses that are earthquake resistant. Back in 2005 one of my Japanese friends said they have the ability to rotate their houses. So you can sit in a room and if you decided you want the sun to be in one part of your house, you can push a button on the remote control.

Japan also has an electronics outdoor market. In the market are featured electronics that are outdated and another part of the market are electronics that are more modern. Learning Japanese will help you get a better grasp of the electronic world and the latest innovations and inventions.


Why To Learn Japanese

Learning Japanese makes you different and unique. Most people are more linguistically fluent in the European languages. Therefore teachers and translators of Spanish, French and Italian are easier to find. You will be more of an asset as a translator if you learn Japanese because it is not a language most people are willing to study. It will also put you on a higher caliber with different people who are business owners and travelers. It will also open up opportunities for you to highly paid translation jobs. In addition if you ever decide to get into the


Why learn Japanese culture

Learning Japanese culture can help you make more friends. Many Japanese people are shy to communicate in English. Most Japanese people had a very minimal exposure to the English language in school. So most Japanese people will say they cannot speak English well. So if you decide to go to Japan you will be able to make more friends. Japanese people are very friendly and will be more willing to speak to you if you know their language. In addition to this if you are a language teacher of Japanese who speak English as a foreign language, you will able to boost your students confidence by communicating with them in Japanese.

In addition to that if you ever plan to travel to Japan learning the culture will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the Japanese history. There’s many fascinating aspects to Japanese culture and history. If you learn the language it will help you when you go on tours around the country.


Why learn Japanese Reasons

You may be very surprised at this but learning Japanese will make you the very best at Karoke. I know that sounds funny but its true!

In a nutshell, I suggest you go learn Japanese by participating in a study abroad program. You will enjoy all the perks of being emerged into the Japanese culture and language. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. It has a low crime rate and the transportation system is state of the art, 21st Century!

In addition to that there are so many things to do in Japan. You can have the choice of exploring old and new Japan. If you are into the marital arts you can enjoy those classes in Japan. Japanese food is also the best! I suggest you try the authentic Japanese food from the local markets.