Teach Yourself Japanese

By OptiLingo

People are all the time asking themselves, “can you learn Japanese on your own.” Learning any language can be a challenging thing for someone, especially for someone who is trying to teach themselves, but there are many methods and tools for someone who is studying how to learn Japanese for beginners. Japanese is one of those languages that so many people want to learn because Japan looks so cool and fun to visit. For someone who is self teaching themselves, they often find themselves getting stuck after a certain point, which is not uncommon. The following information can help someone who trying to teach themselves, but it can also be useful for someone who is taking classes but it feeling stuck or like they are struggling. The thing to remember is what is the best way to learn Japanese on your own. No one can say what the best way to learn Japanese by yourself is, so people need to work at their own level and speed.


There are tools available

There are all kinds of tools available for someone that wants to know how to learn Japanese on your own. Most of these tools are meant to be used on your own, so it would not be right for someone that has to learn alongside someone else. Something very important that has to be kept in mind when someone is trying to learn a new language or any new skill is that struggles are going to happen, and many find that they learn the most from those struggles then when they are not struggling.

Most people believe that they can not teach themselves Japanese and need to be in a class in order to learn, but this is not true. Many people struggle learning in a class and find it much easier to learn on their own. When taking a class, the way someone learns Japanese is laid out for them in a set order and method, which may work for some people, but some people need to learn at their own pace and in their style. Taking a class will teach a person the spoken and written language in set levels, but learning by oneself allows them the freedom to focus on just spoken or written first before moving to the other.


Stay motivated

One of the hardest things people struggle with when teaching themselves a new language is staying motivated. Most people who attend classes do not stay motivated enough to continue their work outside of the classroom, which hurts them in the long run. The small wins are what helps someone stay motivated, such as being able to ask someone if they can do something for you in Japanese when you did not even realize you knew how to say it in the first place. People have to remember to look for the small wins and set small goals as they are learning Japanese so they stay motivated and now they are truly working towards their final goal. Self motivation is best way to learn Japanese on your own.

Resources are a very key thing to learning Japanese. A person needs to have reliable resources that are full of correct information when they go start their path in learning a new language. It is also important for them to have many different resources, because there is not just one resource that will teach them everything they need to know when learning Japanese. Most often, the resources can be broken down into three simple categories, speaking Japanese, writing Japanese, and correct Japanese grammar.


Have plenty of resources

Having access to correct materials is another important thing when someone is trying to learn how to speak and write Japanese. Books are one of the most important materials when trying to learn Japanese, and there are two very common books that most people turn to when attempting to learn Japanese, even when they are taking a class. The book minna no nihongo is the most common book people use because it has a more detailed breakdown of the language because it is a how to learn Japanese for beginners book. Most people do not think of the next one when they are thinking of resources to learn Japanese, but it has helped many people, and that resource is subtitled movies and animes. Reading the subtitles while hearing the words can help train the brain to connect words with their meaning as well as how the grammar works. The most important material is the things that help with memorization of the language, such as flash cards or memory games.


Talk to other people

Talking with other people who already know Japanese is the best way to learn Japanese on your own, which may not be easy for anyone that may not live around anyone who speak Japanese, so taking a class can help these people be around someone they can have a conversation with in Japanese. There are apps and websites though that people can purchase that has a robot that will carry on a conversation with them.

One of the final and hardest tips there is when considering how to learn Japanese by yourself is to learn to think in Japanese. This is the most difficult method because a person has to reprogram their brain to process things in a foreign language instead of their native language, but thinking in the language a person is learning helps them with memorizing words and their meanings. This is another method when someone is wondering how to learn Japanese by yourself. This might be the best way to learn Japanese by yourself if you can manage it.



While of this information is great for learning Japanese and has many different methods and tools someone can apply to their learning process, people need to remember that there are many more methods out there. Sometimes it is better for people to come up with their very own methods by mixing and matching different tools and methods in order to learn how to learn Japanese on your own. So, while you are asking yourself, “can you learn Japanese on your own,” remember that anyone can learn Japanese as song as they put their whole heart into the process. So remember to keep in mind what is the best way to learn Japanese on your own is what works best for you.