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If you have been asking how can you learn Japanese, the instructional website of “Learn Japanese – Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese” may be what you are looking for. With this site and its learning materials, you can begin learning Japanese online and for free. If you have been wondering how to learn Japanese, Tae Kim’s site breaks in down into multiple sections and lessons in order to make things easier – just like a teacher would in a classroom. Except unlike a classroom, how to learn to Japanese is accessible online 24/7, and not only locked behind classroom doors a few times per week. The following paragraphs will break down the various aspects of how can learn Japanese with Tae Kim’s free, online program.


The First Step

The first step Tae Kim recommends in this Japanese course is “The Complete Guide to Japanese.” This guide is not crazy hard to understand or read, but it will provide the basics of how can learn Japanese language, such as teaching you essential grammar, vocabulary, and the basics of sentence construction. There as also examples, dialogue scenarios, and practical applications to the Japanese you learn in this guide will help you learn more real world Japanese instead of what you would learn in a textbook or classroom. If you and your friends have been wondering how can we learn Japanese, what to learn Japanese, or even who to learn Japanese language, the first section of the Tae Kim Japanese guide; “The Complete Guide to Japanese,” is a fantastic place to begin.


The Second Step

Tae Kim’s second step to learning Japanese is the “Guide to Japanese Grammar.” When it comes down to how to learn Japanese language and how to learn Japanese language easily, it is important to understand why Japanese sentences are constructed the way that they are. This guide tries to avoid long, complicated, and boring explanations of grammar but is still how to learn to Japanese language and grammar with ease. This guide is designed as a supplement to the first guide, and add on to what you have already learned. It starts by teaching you the fundamentals of language construction and then building upon those foundations layer by layer. Unlike traditional schooling or Japanese classes, this guide will explain where these grammatical constructions come from and not just what they are. How can learn Japanese language without understanding the origins of sentence construction? For further ease of study, this supplementary guide is available for free on the apple app store and the android app store, ‘so how can learn Japanese?’ is not only a question for home – but now can be answered on the go.


How can you learn Japanese?

How can you learn Japanese? How can we learn Japanese? According to the Tae Kim instructional website, Japanese is one of the easier languages to learn – if you are already motivated and interested enough to being pursuing learning it. He recommends the following steps for what to learn Japanese in an easy to comprehend order. Firstly, learn `Hiragana` and `Katakana,` these are the Japanese equivalent to the English alphabet and thus will provide the first block of your foundation. Secondly, learn vocabulary and use both the complete guide and the grammar guide written by Tae Kim. He also recommends supplementing the use of his guides with Kanji – another online resource to begin learning Japanese.

Kanji is who to learn Japanese language from, as he has been a massive name in the language education community for decades and a popular resource on how to learn Japanese. Thirdly, Tae Kim recommends practising the Japanese that you have already learned. Practise by listening to native speakers speaking Japanese, trying to speak for yourself, reading material in Japanese, and finally trying to write your own material in Japanese. It will be useful to practise all of these things equally, as well as with media that you find interesting. If you are excited and interested in the material, it makes the learning feel less tedious and much less like a classroom setting.

Next, Tae Kim recommends learning how to use tools such as dictionaries and thesauruses in Japanese for how to learn Japanese language. These tools will be instrumental in helping you to expand your Japanese vocabulary. Finally, repeating these steps will be instrumental for how to learn Japanese language easily. Each time you repeat these steps, try to include more advanced topics and new vocabulary to constantly expand what you know. Don`t forget to review older material though, too!


Resources are available

When it comes down to how to learn to Japanese language, there are a plethora of resources at your disposal. The internet makes it easier than ever to develop new skills and then improve them as well. Answering how to learn to Japanese is one of trillions of questions that the internet can answer. Tae Kim recommends familiarising yourself with the various online resources available to you as a student of Japanese. These resources include not just instructional materials, but also dictionaries and thesauruses to help you expand your vocabulary. There are tons of free instructional guide to supplement Tae Kim`s, as well as video tutorials and lessons. Millions of streaming platforms allow you to view traditional Japanese media, or your favourite shows with Japanese voice dubs. Finally, there are many databases that have Japanese comics, books, and news that you can use to practice reading in Japanese. You could even connect with native Japanese writers and speakers and ask for help perfecting your speech and writing patterns.

At the end of the day, the internet makes it easy to find tons of resources to teach you Japanese. Tae Kim`s guide to learning Japanese is one of these resources. His free site provides two multi-chapter guides on Japanese language basics and Japanese grammar basics. Both of these guides utilise real world examples to make the learning more engaging and less boring, classroom-like. This method of instruction also makes your Japanese sound more real and less overly formal. These guides also explain the reasoning and origin of words and grammatical constructions so you can understand the basis of how Japanese language works, instead of just spending your time doing wrote memorisation. Tae Kim`s guide offers hundreds of hours of Japanese educational materials, but if that is not enough, he also recommends other resources to further your Japanese education.


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