Can Understanding Anime Help you to Understand Japanese?

By OptiLingo

Anime is the Japanese word for animation. This term refers to all forms of animated media that has its origins in Japan. Anime is enjoyed by millions of people around the globe and it is a popular media various places such as the U.S., Korea and in China. Traditional anime utilizes Japanese language simply because it was developed in Japan. People from other countries can watch Japanese anime and even learn some basic Japanese words for phrases. Some people who want to learn Japanese might wonder about how to learn Japanese for anime. They can certainly learn this language to help them to better understand Japanese animated productions.


Learning Japanese for Anime

If you want to learn the Japanese language to better understand anime, then you first must start by learning the Japanese language. You can learn the Japanese language by simply taking a class on this subject or through the process of self-teaching. However, self-instruction for Japanese language is not highly recommended. This language is very complex and trying to learn it on your own will present a huge obstacle. Still, it is possible for for you to grasp Japanese in this way. How to learn Japanese to understand anime is not that difficult.

Japanese Anime doesn’t use a formal or standard version of Japanese. Well, its informal. It is like listening to the speech that most cartoon show have. If you know Japanese you can understand what they are saying but their speech is informal. Depending on the theme, Japanese anime speakers can talk Japanese slang or in some type of whimsical way. The point is that Japanese anime can help people with their Japanese language skills but that does not mean that they will have a good understanding of this tongue.


Can you learn Japanese through anime episodes?

Yes, you can learn some Japanese by watching anime. First, you will have to watch and then re-watch every episode to learn how to mimic the language. Think of this process as learning a new song. All you will be doing is watching and repeating what is being said by the characters. If you do this long enough, you will eventually start to sound exactly like the characters and you will be speaking Japanese. You will also start to recognize the various aspects of the Japanese language to see how different it is from English and many other languages.

Just keep in mind that the Japanese you learn from these shows will not necessarily teach you how to communicate with real Japanese speakers. Still, this exercise for learning Japanese can be beneficial because it provides people with a basic understanding of the language. This process also helps learners to train their brain to use Japanese words and tones.


You cannot Grasp the Japanese language by Just Seeing and Hearing Words

Here is another downside with using Japanese anime. Japanese language speakers inform us that the average person cannot learn Japanese just because they have listened to Japanese words or read them as subtitles or in the form of a book. In other words you can mimic Japanese in oral and written communication but that does not mean you will start to understand this language. A lot of foreign people living in Japan who have been exposed to Japanese words and language still cannot carry on a basic conversation in this language. Some of these individuals have been living in Japan for decades.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that Japanese anime won’t help you to learn. It can accomplish this goal. The main thing to remember is that Japanese anime has to be reinforced with some type of practical language learning. Otherwise you will speak very limited Japanese and at best it will be very limited and restrictive. In some cases it will even make you seem illiterate.


How Anime Subtitles can Help you to Improve your Japanese Learning Skills

Japanese anime subtitles can help you to learn the language. You should learn how to utilize subtitles on Japanese anime for this purpose. You should be able to set the subtitles between Japanese and English. If not, many anime cartoons have English subtitles that can help you to translate what is being said.

The key to using subtitles is to listen to the characters as they speak and then read the subtitles to follow along. This exercise will help you to quickly grasp Japanese language and give you a general understanding of what is being said. Again, you will not become a fluent language speaker but it will give you some knowledge about the language.


Anime Smart Flashcards for Learning Japanese

There are some programs that will allow a person to learn Japanese anime on their computer through computerized flashcards. They are called smart flashcards and they have been designed for the computer. You can download animated scenes from anime videos and form them into the shape of a video card. Once a person has a card on their screen they can refer back to the cards to help practice their Japanese.


What you Need to take Away from this Information

The bottom line is that you can learn some Japanese through anime but don’t count on being a fluent speaker. Anime represents an extremely small portion of the Japanese language. It does not encompass the basics that people need to know to understand this dialect. Even though this is the case, you can still figure out some Japanese words and expressions through anime.

Make sure that you learn basic Japanese from a credible source. This will help you to best utilize your Japanese anime skills. You should also plan on watching a lot of Japanese anime shows if you plan on learning some Japanese from this method. Do not just watch a few episodes and then quit. Remember, to learn a language like Japanese you must stay committed to the cause.

How to learn Japanese for anime makes sense when you want to know how to learn Japanese to understand anime. This approach should be seen as an introduction method for exposing a person to the Japanese culture. Once a person utilizes this method they will be able to grasp some basic Japanese which can be added to what they already know. Japanese anime provides a great way to help people to learn Japanese but it cannot replace learning Japanese form traditional sources.