Telling Time in Italian

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How to Tell Time in Italian

Understanding how to tell the time is a necessary step on your path towards Italian fluency. Sooner or later, you’ll be in a situation where you’ll need this vocabulary. Perhaps a local without a watch comes up to you. Or you need to know when your train departs. Being able to speak and understand phrases related to time can be very important.

These high-frequency words and phrases will be helpful for anyone learning Italian.

second un secondo
minute un minuto
hour un’ora
day un giorno
week una settimana
month un mese
year un anno
decade una decade
century un secolo
millennium un millennio
sunrise/dawn l’alba
morning la mattina
noon mezzogiorno
afternoon il pomeriggio
evening la sera
dusk il crepuscolo
sunset il tramonto
night la notte
midnight mezzanotte
the day before yesterday l’altro ieri
yesterday ieri
today oggi
now adesso
tomorrow domani
the day after tomorrow dopodomani
What is the time? Che ora sono?
It’s five past two. Sono le due e cinque.
It’s half past four. Sono le quattro e mezza.
It’s a quarter to six. Sono le sei meno un quarto.
It’s midnight. È mezzanotte.
It’s exactly 3 o’clock. Sono le 3 in punto.
It’s ten to five. Sono le cinque e dieci.
It’s a quarter past six. Sono le sei e un quarto.
It’s noon. È mezzogiorno.


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