Ways to Learn Hindi

By OptiLingo

There are such a significant number of advantages to learning another dialect. New entryways will open for you, in your own or business life. Hindi is the fourth most spoken dialect on the planet, it pursues behind Chinese, Spanish and English. Likewise Hindi is inconceivably like Urdu, the spoken language. with numerous words the equivalent and practically tradable among Hindi and Urdu, learning Hindi truly causes you get the most advantage, than learning a wide range of dialects. One difference is that Urdu is written from right to left, while Hindi is written from left to right. Another difference between Hindi and Urdu is that Hindi has more words that originated from Sanskrit and Urdu has more words that originate from Persian. The best way to learn Hindi alphabet is through practice and reviewing it. Also the greetings are different, because of a difference in religion. People that speak Hindi are generally Hindu in religion, and Urdu speakers are followers of Islam. The greetings are offering your blessings towards another person.


Learning how to type in Hindi is an advantage

Because aside from being able to speak it, to be totally fluent, you should know how to read and write it. The Hindi alphabet has an amazing 46 total letters. There are 11 vowels and 35 consonants. Learning all the different characters of the alphabet may be challenging at first, but once you learn it you will be able to read and write. This will help you to navigate yourself throughout India.

Many of the signs, including but not limited to street signs, hospitals, businesses, etc. are written in Hindi when you are in India. Though many people do speak at least some English, you will be able to get around better when you know some Hindi.

All of the dealings you will encounter, whether it is in the store or a small shop can be handled in Hindi, not only will it impress the shop owner to see that you know how to speak some Hindi, but they are more likely to treat you like a local, then just a foreign tourist. Also how to learn Hindi writing is to practice, and write daily.


Some websites has resources to learn multiple languages

Including Hindi. You can also search for language tutors online. The Hindi alphabet uses the Devanagari script, which is used for Hindi and Nepali and also Marathi, it is written from left to right, which is the way you would write English, left to right. There are many different ways how to learn Hindi alphabet, including online, and printing out material or making your own flashcards, which we think is the best way to learn Hindi alphabet. There is no differentiation between upper and lower case letters. The thing to remember with Hindi typing is that there may be very little change in a word, that will make the word different, like for example the words larkaa and larkee. Larkaa is a male, and larkee is female, but to look at the two words written, they look very similar. The only difference is Larkee has an additional little loop on the farthest right letter. This changes the whole meaning of the word.

Another detail to keep in mind is the use of different words for formal and informal speech. For example, if talking to an elder, it will be taken as disrespectful if you do not use the right words. Focusing on learning Hindi writing will help you to read also. One way how to learn Hindi alphabet is through practice. Aap should be used as a formal way to say you if someone is an elder to you or in a position of power, such as your manager at your job. The word tum can be used for you if someone is the same age or younger than you.


There are many programs online that can be accessed for free

Once you feel that you have the basics down and want to continue into a deeper and intermediate level of the language you may benefit from getting in contact with a language tutor, preferably a native speaker, that you can talk back and forth with, for a better conversational flow. There are also many apps online that can help you to quickly learn phrases that are commonly used. These phrases are written in English transliteration, so that you can read it easily.

Learning Hindi will help open you up to a whole world of experiences and possibilities. The Indian country and people house a culture, complete with language, food and clothing that are very unique. The country of India has been around for centuries. The Hindi language is spoken in countries outside of India too, it is spoken in Trinidad & Tobago as well as Gyana and Nepal.


There are so many people worldwide that speak Hindi

More than a half billion people. With about 400 million speaking it as Native speakers, and an additional 200 million people speaking it as a second language. Imagine the time you can spend speaking with people and learning about their life and their unique experiences.

Knowing a second language can help you with your career also. Prospective employers are welcoming of people who are Bilingual or Multilingual. Knowing Hindi will help increase your visibility and chances of getting hired. We are living in a virtual and physical global marketplace and it is extremely competitive. So learning a new language will give you the competitive edge you are looking for. So now you are learning a skill that can be an asset in your personal and professional life.


Learning how to type Hindi can also be a real advantage

Because it puts you at an advantage from those who are just able to speak. Many people who know a second language know the spoken language, to be completely literate in a second language, may be more difficult, but its benefits are many.

There are videos on YouTube showing how to type Hindi, many programs are available in which you can use your current computer keyboard and still type Hindi. The way you would place your hands on the keyboard should remain the same as you would when typing English. Having your hands in the right position, helps to ease the typing itself.

Knowing what the letter sounds are can help you construct words. In Hindi the letters sound like they should. You should focus on how to learn Hindi writing because the letters read verbatim. It’s not like English where the letters “ph” together can sound “f”. This can be confusing to someone who may not be a native speaker. So that is why in Hindi it is really nice considering that whatever letter you are reading will be pronounced the same.