Many Reasons Why We Learn Hindi

By OptiLingo

There are many reasons to learn a new language like Hindi. While learning a new language will improve your IQ and expand your horizons, Hindi is one such language that offers more benefits – both physically and mentally.


Having a Conversation With Half A Billion Other People

Yes, you read it right. Half a billion people in this world either know Hindi or speak fluently. And most of them do not even have Hindi as their mother tongue; they learned it on the go, either out of necessity or for other reasons. You will be one of them, if you are keen to learn this language. In fact, Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world. Imagine connecting with so many people!


Being In a Good Company

Why we learn Hindi? Because Hindi is one of the most attractive options for people who want to learn a new language. While more than 200 million are embracing it as a second language, there are many others who are in the process of learning like yourself. So, finding someone who can teach this language, online or offline, is a breeze. And if you become fluent, you will be joining a large eclectic club on the planet as well.


For Those Working in India

If you are planning to move to India for job purpose, learning Hindi is a must. Most people in India can easily converse in Hindi regardless of which part of India you are in. Whether your job is related to tourism or technology, working in Delhi or Bangalore, you will be working with thousand others. Knowing Hindi will let you make the connection instantly. Besides, people will pay attention and take you more seriously when you are speaking in their language. The same could be said of other countries where Indians are abound. Since many service jobs have been outsourced, you may be speaking to one of the Hindi speakers on the phone. Knowing Hindi will not only understand them better but help you improve your language skill as well.


More Professional Opportunities

How much of information do you need to be proficient in Hindi? As much as possible. Hindi originated from the good old Sanskrit language, so there is a lot to learn from native Hindi speakers, just like any other ancient language. On one end of the spectrum, there is a level of knowledge of Hindi scholars. Obviously, this kind of knowledge is beyond most new Hindi speakers. On the other end, there are people that we might call as enthusiasts about learning Hindi. Perhaps, you want to be somewhere in between. Not only that, learning a new language will look good on your resume, which means more job opportunities from both Indian and non-Indian companies.


To Enjoy The Taste Of Bollywood

India’s thriving film industry has become a big competitor to Hollywood in the past decade. In 2012 alone, more than 2.6 billion tickets for Bollywood movies were sold. Some of these movies although come with subtitles offer better experience when you know the language. Otherwise you will be missing out on the subtle nuances that may have assisted you in taking your learning skill to next level. When you are able to catch up with the dialogues, you will be able to eliminate a lot of confusion. Ability to grasp what is being said correctly is a key aspect of learning any language for that matter. And there is no better way to learn that skill by watching movies and TV shows.


Helping You Deepen Your Spirituality

Learning a new language is not always easy, especially when there is no motivation factor. However, there is one more important reason for you to learn Hindi. Hindi is one of the few languages in the world in which spiritual books have been written. This is why we learn Hindi. Many meditation verses are chanted in Hindi and countless fictional tales and poems have been written as well. Those who lead a life of spirituality and mindfulness create and build a successful life. They understand their lives and of others well. They feel a greater sense of passion and the importance of having a meaningful life.


If You Are In a Relationship

Most Hindi learners want to learn the language for self-improvement or career purpose. But there are some who will need this language because they are in a relationship with or getting married to a Hindi speaker. For them, learning Hindi is a must because communication is going to be in the center of their lives. Learning the partner’s language will make the communication and, relationship in general, even better. How good the relationship is and how able you are to build the dream life will depend on how deep your connection is and how strong its cornerstones of thoughtful, awareness and honesty are. There is no better way to achieve all these by communicating in a language that both you and your partner can easily understand.


Learning Other Languages

Some people learn a new language because they have the notion that learning multiple languages will improve their cognitive abilities. And they are absolutely right. The more languages you know, the better you are as a person, not just intellectual-wise but personality-wise as well. You will come across people from different culture and understand them better. You will also be able to improve your confidence when communicating with them. Your skills and study techniques will improve. There is energy around this type of learning. And there is excitement and sense of power. People who speak your language will go the extra mile to help you or be your friend. Just by talking to them in their language, you will accomplish great many things.

Last but not least, there is no perfect time, date or place to learn a new language like Hindi. Any time is the right time to start. All you need to do is make up your mind to learn. Creating a blueprint to learn Hindi should take only a few hours, followed by commitment of time to it every week. Maybe you can start with two hours of weekends during the first two weeks, then spend a few more hours the following weeks. If you want a more detailed version of setting goals for language learning, there are many resources that are available online. Some people really like to helping others learn the language, and they are passionate about it. They will take any subject and teach them in such a way that others will understand. You can find them on online forums and discussion groups.