Important Tips on Why We Learn Hindi Typing

By OptiLingo

The world today as we know it has become one big country. People from different parts of the world today interact as if they are in the same environment, time and place. A lot of technological advances has come in handy in the world of interaction. Interaction, however, needs a means of communication for it to occur. The visible means of interaction is speaking. For excellent communication to occur the parties involved have to understand the concept or the idea usually passed across. It can only be achieved, however, if ONLY the two parties understand the language used.

The revolution of world interaction is undoubted. Many people have taken foreign languages to enhance their communication with the world. The world is changing drastically. The fact that it’s changing, the world is becoming more connected and therefore, more interaction. It is only possible if everyone understands everyone’s language by learning a foreign language.

Foreign language is essential to many people across the world for the apparent reason; Interaction. Foreign language will also enrich your experience with different cultures and countries. Additionally, it will help you in appreciating different people. Mentally, foreign language will expand your imagination and introduce you to a world you never thought existed.


The Hindi Language

Hindi, the second most spoken language on earth is considered one of the languages everyone should have at least the basics of it. India, on the other hand, is the official homeland of the Hindi language. India, being the second biggest country on earth, makes the language to be the most preferred language by most people in all walks of life. We are going to discuss why we learn Hindi.

First, learning how can learn Hindi typing introduces you to a whole new culture. The Indian culture is such a diverse one as seen in Bollywood films. Learning a new culture through learning its language introduces the learner to a more understanding of that particular culture. Moreover, we find that when we learn of a new culture, diversification in terms of intermarriage occurs. Intermarriages enhance the relationship between countries which later open doors to the two different countries in terms of export and imports. Learning the Hindi language exposes one to a culture that’s is rich in resources, good food, and diverse culture.

Secondly, the Hindi language is associated with meditation and chanting. Meditation assists us in focusing by concentration accompanied with chanting. Most of the texts, books, and literature on meditation and chanting is in the Hindi language. In any case, you are interested in meditation and chanting, learning the Hindi language will be paramount. Spiritually, the Hindi language is rich. For a person wishing to expand or explore their spiritual self, the Hindi has the ability and the means to take you to different spiritual dimensions. Hindi also has a lot of literature on matters life, and the means to a better life Philosophers such as Mahatma Gandhi wrote philosophical teachings thatworldwide. These teachings used globally as philosophical teachings not only for the Indian people but for the whole world. These teachings, however, are in the Hindi language. Even though a lot of the teachings have been translated into different languages, it’s clear to say that, reading the context in the Hindi language makes the learner comprehend the teachings perfectly as most of the teachings are more practical and inform of parables. It explains why we learn Hindi.



Bollywood has become a significant threat to film industries such as Hollywood and California. Its reported that in 2012 2.6 billion tickets were sold to Bollywood fans in 2012. The fact that Bollywood is producing some of the wealthiest and most successful actors and actresses in the world is surprising. Praised by their spectacular catchy action stunts, extreme musicals, and addictive soap operas, Bollywood films have lengthened their fan base. For this reason, it’s essential to learn the Hindi language as most of the Bollywood films are in Hindi dialect. As a movie film fun and a Hindi learner, Bollywood films can be a new satisfying experience to try, this will expose you to a whole new movie world and more importantly enhance your Hindi learning.

Foreign employers are always looking out for candidates with a foreign language certificate. India, being a big country with most of the world’s best profession has great potential for employees, investors, and employers. For employees, learning the Hindi language is essential. For one to get employment in India, one has to be fluent in Hindi. Therefore it’s as important. For investors, understanding the Indian market to be able to know when, where and how much to invest, the investor has to understand the Hindi language. And as for the employers, one has to understand the Hindi language to be able to operate and interact with their employees and their associates. It’s needless to say therefore that, Hindi language, one of the most spoken languages on earth connects the world of profession and business at a wide range, so important. It’s also the reason why we learn Hindi.

The Hindi language, being the second most spoken language on earth makes it easy to learn it. When one decides to learn the Hindi language, it does not take a long time to comprehend it. Is true because a lot of people globally speak in Hindi. According to the World Population Review, India has a population of 1.37 as of 2018. This vast population has led the Indians to intermarry with different people from different parts of the world making the people speaking the Hindi language to be a half a billion people. The easier it is to learn the Hindi language and the motivation behind it opens doors to learn other new foreign languages. The knowledge of more than one foreign language enhances our capabilities and opportunities globally.



Learning any particular language is considered an organic process. It means that a learner has to cumulatively learn one specific language, this way, the learner will avoid instances of always postponing the idea of learning a foreign language. Having found that the Hindi language is easy to learn we should therefore try and learn it cumulatively and using the diverse resources at our disposal.

Lastly, a learner should practice how can learn Hindi typing in a manner that is most suitable for him. For a learner to fully exploit the advantages associated with the Hindi language, he/ she ought to have precise planning on when and how they should learn the language. It’s clear now, why we learn Hindi from the above discussion.