How To Learn German Fast

By OptiLingo

If you want to know how to learn German fast, I strongly suggest you begin with German cognates. You may not know this, but German and English share 60% of their vocabularies, so if you speak English, you’re already off to a great start with German.

Of course, one trick for anyone who wants to know how to learn German fast is to begin with cognates that overlap with the most commonly used vocabulary words in both languages.

Common noun cognates:

apple                                    Apfel

baby                                    Baby

banana                                    Banane

battery                                    Batterie

book                                    Buch

coffee                                    Kaffee

glass                                    Glas

hair                                    Haar

hotel                                    Hotel

mother                                    Mutter

mouse                                    Maus

Common adjective cognates:

alone                                    allein

blue                                    blau

effective                  effectiv

exact                                    exakt

immune                  immun

massive                                    massiv

naked                                    nackt

negative                  negativ

new                                    neu

Common verb cognates:

dance                                    tanzen

drink                                    trinken

laugh                                    lachen

learn                                    lernen

live                                    leben

love                                    lieben

Of course, this is just a tiny sample of cognates shared between English and German, but picking them up is an awesome approach for anyone who wants to know how to learn German fast.