How To Learn Arabic Fast

By OptiLingo

Your bags are packed, your passport is in order, you’ve got your Visa, and you’re about to leave for the airport in just a few minutes. You’ve planned this trip diligently, and you just realized there’s one thing you “forgot.” You never got around to studying Arabic, and now you’re looking for how to learn Arabic fast.

Well, I’ve got some bad news and some good news for you. Here’s the bad news: You’re not going to master Arabic on the flight to the Middle East; I don’t care how long the flight is, or how much coffee and cramming you consume.

But here’s the good news: if you want to know how to learn Arabic fast, all you need to do is focus on a few key “survival” phrases. And since you’re really keen on how to learn Arabic fast, I won’t even lecture you on the merits of first learning the Arabic alphabet, though you can check out this post if you’re interested.


Hello   Mar’haba / Salaam مرحبا / سلام

Good morning Sabah Al Kheyr صباح الخير

Good evening Masa Al Kheyr مساء الخير

Goodbye Ma’a salaama مع السلامة

Hi Mar’haba / Salaam مرحبا / سلام

Bye! Salaam سلام

How are you? Keef Halak? كيف حالك؟

(I’m) Fine, thanks (Ana) Bikheyr, Shukran (أنا) بخير، شكرا

You are welcome Afwan عفواً

My name is …… Ismii ….. / Ana Ismii…… إسمى ….. / أنا إسمى ……

Small Talk

Yes Na’am /Aywah نعم / أيوة

No La’a لا

Ok Hasanan / ha’dir / Na’am حسنا / حاضر / نعم

Please Min fadlik / Arjuuk من فضلك/ أرجوك

Sorry Aasif آسف

Excuse me low samaht لو سمحت

I don’t know Ana la a’rif         أنا لا أعرف

I don’t understand Ana la afham أنا لا أفهم

Could you repeat again? Mumkin ta’iid Taanii?      ممكن تعيد ثانى؟

I don’t speak Arabic Ana la atakalam al Arabiya    أنا لا أتكلم العربية

These are just a few key phrases, but this should be enough to get you by. Safe travels!