Learn Dutch Fast And Easy

By OptiLingo

The nation by today’s standards is very culturally diverse. No one language is used in many countries because the inhabitants are not necessarily natives of a particular cultural environment. In the United States, there are almost as many different languages used as there are groups of people who use them. American often find themselves in situations where they need to learn another language. Many people constantly travel abroad, or they decide that they want to move to a different global location and remain there for awhile. For various reasons, people want to learn the Dutch language because they may have family or friends in the Netherlands, or they intend on visiting or moving there.


This may be the quickest way to learn Dutch

Deciding that you want to learn to speak Dutch can involve a long term commitment of attending a class, or you can do it the fast and easy way. One of the first tips for learning Dutch is to watch the Dutch television channel. This may seem like the most frustrating way to learn a language because you don’t understand what is being said. Make sure that the movie or show that you watch has subtitles. It is a proven fact that watching television in the language that you want to learn really works. You can listen to the language, and read the meaning of what is being said, and before too long you will be able to say some words or phrases.


Another way to learn Dutch fast

When trying to avoid the high cost of enrolling in a Dutch class, you may also want to try learning the language by listening to Bar de Pau on You Tube or on his website. He gives complete lessons that are fast and easy to follow. The lessons are free, and you can do them at your own pace. You will be able to learn Dutch fast for expats, if you are a foreigner in the Netherlands. You will have the advantage of replaying segments of Bart de Pau’s video at your own will for ease of learning.


One of the best ways to learn Dutch fast

Learning a new language as an adult can be compared to a child learning to read in their native language for the first time. The quickest way to learn Dutch for many people is to start from square one as a child would when they first enter school. Learn to read children’s books in Dutch. This will have the same impact on you as learning to read has on a child. You will be learning to read and pronounce the words in Dutch which will make acquisition of a new language seem fast and easy. A recommendation of a good children’s book written in Dutch is Jip en Janneke. This book was written very cleverly, and it is an effective way for you to practice the language. This would be ideal for bedtime reading and learning.


Don’t try to get it all at once

Excepting the fact that you want to learn Dutch fast for expats, this language should be studied slowly. It is good to want to get as much as possible as fast as you can, but remember that doing a little at a time is better. Like your school days, cramming for a test the next morning did not always work. You want to learn a little, and have time to practice it before moving on to more. It is always better when you take the time to properly learn the language, and be able to speak small phrases rather than trying to learn a whole paragraph to memorize. If you really have the desire to learn Dutch, you will give it all that you have. It takes 100% effort in order to be efficient in the language. You will not be successful at learning if you rush the process.


Use the art of pretense

After you have learned some of the Dutch language, test your skills by pretending that you are Dutch and do not speak the English language. Talk to anyone that you meet in Dutch and watch for their responses. If they get frustrated with you, continue the pretense, do not switch back to English. If you sound proficient enough, it could boost your confidence if the listener is sympathetic about not being able to understand Dutch. As you grow in your learning and use of the language, practice it as often as possible. The key to this exercise is perseverance. On occasion, forget that your native language is English, and pretend that you are from the Netherlands. This is a fun learning activity.


Find someone who speaks Dutch to study with

Having a study buddy is a great resource for learning to speak the language fluently. If you have difficulty finding someone, take advantage of social media. You may be fortunate enough to find someone who speaks Dutch, and who wants to learn the English language. This way, you can be of help to each other. Communicating on social media will be as easy as meeting and taking in person. Writing the language properly is just as important as speaking the language. The two of you will be exchanging your language skills as a means of perfecting each one. If your study buddy is near by, you may want to try an exercise of going out, and your buddy speaking only English, and you speaking only Dutch. This language exchange will be most beneficial to both of you.


Listen to Dutch radio

Although this could be a funny experience, it will eventually be most helpful in learning the Dutch language. You can also experience other aspects of the Netherlands by getting to know the music. You can also learn what is trendy in that country, and what popular advertisements are broadcast. Listening to Dutch radio will give you a genuine feel of the country, and the people. You may find that the mucis is not too different from the music played on American radio. One common feature that is international is the beat of the music. You will be able to move to it and understand the words at the same time.

All of the above tips will help you learn the Dutch language in the most efficient, and cost effective manner. These tips do not include sitting in a classroom and paying excessive fees to learn. The tips are very self gratifying showing that you can do whatever it takes to accomplish a goal, and save money. Use them to learn Dutch fast, easy, and most proficiently.