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Many people believe the easiest way to learn Dutch language arts is to immerse oneself in a community of people speaking the language on a regular basis. However, many experts now believe the sink or swim approach to language learning is not the best option as millions of people have tried this approach and seen their attempts fail. The problem is not an inherent lack of understanding of how the native language of The Netherlands is constructed, but the simple fact that many English speakers do not find the best way to learn Dutch language speaking or reading.


English speakers are able

As English speakers, we often find the attempts of those immersed in another language comical as they attempt to get their lips and tongue around what we feel are simple to pronounce words. The same issue is seen by English speakers looking to find the best way to learn Dutch online. A good example can be found in the pronunciation of the names of places and people from The Netherlands. The former professional soccer player, Marco van Basten has the name, Basten pronounced with an o sound instead of an “a” in his home country. The main problem is the lack of muscle memory we have when pronouncing words and sounds in the Dutch language which makes certain words difficult for us to say.


Training your brain to learn

The brain of the human body has a built-in way of limiting the amount of useless information taken into it by working as a filter. One can notice the way the brain from the transmission of useless information by thinking about how we hold a conversation in a crowded room. Even though lots of people are talking at once, the bran does not take in the knowledge being presented by the myriad of other conversations taking place.

When learning a new language the human brain has not been trained to filter out the arrival of a new language including the development of the brain to recognize new words. In many cases, the words we recognize when we find the easiest way to learn Dutch language skills is to find a way of concentrating solely on the new form of speech we are listening to. A form of immersion is often the best way to learn Dutch language skills with the student watching movies, listening to music, and reading books from The Netherlands.

The training of your brain is not the only question to ponder when asking what is the best way to learn Dutch? What we must consider is how does the brain interact with the tongue, lips, and throat. The words and way of speaking within the Dutch language are very different from the way the body of the native English-speaker has been trained to act when making specific sounds. When making the decision to learn Dutch, the best option is to spend some time watching the movements of the mouth and tongue of a fluent Dutch speaker. This may seem like a difficult thing to do, but the different ways the mouth and tongue of a Dutch person speaks may make you uncomfortable but this is the best ways for all individuals to learn how to speak fluently.


What is your motivation?

When you find the best way to learn Dutch Online, you may find yourself going through moments of unhappiness if you reach a point where your progress appears to stall. The best way of overcoming the problem of a loss of motivation is to have a clearly thought out reason for learning the native language of The Netherlands. These can include, but are not limited to, an upcoming marriage to a native Dutch speaker or a planned trip to a Dutch-speaking nation. No matter what the reason has been for you to ask what is the best way to learn Dutch, the reason chosen should remain clear in the forefront of your mind.


Take every learning option available

You may have found what you consider to be the best way to learn Dutch language skills for your need using a website and online course. However, one should never close off the mind to the possibilities offered through offline options for learning the language of your choice. These could include the use of CD-ROM’s, traditional books, or flashcards.

Alongside the use of various media for developing language skills in the Dutch language, we must spend much of our time developing a thick skin to avoid being upset when we make mistakes. One thing every language teacher in the free world will tell a student is to practice speaking with fluent native speakers as much as possible. What an individual learning Dutch must remember is they will make mistakes as they seek to understand the language and develop their skills. After explaining your attempt to learn Dutch, most fluent speakers will be more than happy to talk with you and rarely ridicule your attempts at speaking their tongue.


Learn with the Babbel software

One of the most impressive pieces of software on the market is Babbel, an online learning option with various levels of courses. The initial lessons on offer for beginners are offered for free with no payment required to complete these classes available via mobile devices and traditional computers. One of the main benefits of the Babbel software is the ability of the learner to set their own pace and learn in a way that suits their needs.

The all-around opportunities offered through the Babbel software is easy for all to use with the Dutch language options provided to improve all aspects of the mother tongue of The Netherlands. Many apps and computer software providers tend to focus their attention on a single aspect of the language, such as the ability to speak a language well without the need to read a large amount of information. Babbel is different as it provides the individual with a solid overview of the written, spoken, and grammar needed to conduct life in The Netherlands. No matter what you decide is the best way to learn Dutch online, you will receive a sild grounding across every aspect of the language. One of the most impressive aspects of the software for most learners is the ability to connect with the learning community to discuss your progress with that of other learners.


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