You can Learn the Chinese Language in a Fast and Easy Way

By OptiLingo

When it comes to learning languages, Chinese is considered the hardest language to master. This language is often more difficult to grasp than old languages such as Aramaic. Chinese is also more complicated than the languages that commonly spoken in modern tribes living in the remote regions regions of South America. Can you learn Chinese in a year? This language is difficult to master for a variety of different reasons. However, a person can learn this language and they can learn it quickly. Keep reading to discover the fastest way to learn Chinese within a year. You would be amazed at what you will find out.

Can a person easily learn the Chinese language?

How can I learn Chinese language in less than a year’s time. People who are interested in the Chinese language often ask this question. The answer to this question is yes. People can easily learn learn Chinese. The fastest way to learn Chinese is by immersing yourself into the language and the culture. This is true for any language. However, many Chinese learners might not have the opportunity or the time to stay totally submerged into the Chinese language. This does not mean that they cannot learn Chinese super fast. The main thing that a person must do when they figure out the quickest way to learn Chinese is to submerge themselves into the language and practice as much as they can.

Research is also Important for Learning Chinese Quickly

Experts agree that a person’s motivation or reason for learning a language plays a critical role with their ability to learn it. This is the reason why experts say that Chinese learners should have a good reason for learning this language. If not, a Chinese learner will have a hard time picking this language up. If you want to know what is the quickest way to learn Chinese, then you must start with your motive for wanting to acquire this language. Using these techniques can help you figure out Chinese in less than a year’s time.

Experts recommends that a person research this language and figure out how it was formed. They should also find out the standard version of Chinese (which is Beijing Mandarin) and learn this form of Chinese first. Don’t forget that Chinese is the most spoken language on the Earth. It is even more common than English. The reason being is that there are more people of Chinese origin than there are English, American, Canadian or Australian descent. English is the true universal language but Chinese is dominant tongue that is spoken on the planet. All of these different factors play into reasons why you want to learn the language. This in turn will help a person to figure out an easy way of learning Chinese.

You must Learn the Fundamental of Chinese to Learn the Language

When a person decides to learn Chinese they must learn the fundamentals of the language. This means that they must learn the Pinyin system. This system is the Romanization of Chinese characters based on how they are pronounced. This system was developed for western people who want to learn Chinese. The Pinyin system will help people to figure out the fastest way to learn the Chinese language in less than a year’s time.

Beginning Chinese learners should also learn how to correctly pronounce the language. They should also master the Chinese symbols because this is a large part of the language. If you want to know an easy way of learning Chinese then you should definitely build up your fundamentals. The next step that you should take is to master knowledge points which will be presented in the next section.

Knowledge Points will Help you to Learn Chinese

Another way to learn Chinese super fast is by understanding this language’s knowledge points. Understanding Chinese presents an easy way of learning Chinese. Grammar is an essential knowledge point of the Chinese language. Understanding grammar presents an easy way to learn Chinese language. A Chinese student should develop their grammar. It will be a best way to learn Chinese quickly. The points of Chinese grammar that you grasp will help you to learn Chinese super fast.

Improve your Learning Method

You figure out the learning method that works best for for you. Then apply this learning skill to your ability to Chinese. If you want to know how to learn Chinese super fast this approach will help. Some of the easiest ways of learning Chinese is through classes, studying, self-learning, tutoring and immersion. Some people learn from videos and others learn by mimicking Chinese speakers. Improve upon these methods and then you will know how to learn Chinese really fast.

The Reality of Learning this Language in a Year

No, a person cannot learn Chinese in a year. So, a Chinese language student should not ask can you learn Chinese in a year. The reality is that this language is too hard for a beginner with no background or training to understand. Unless a person has been exposed from this language as a youth or grew up at least a few years in this culture from birth; there is no way for them to pick it up in less than a year. Some people try to master this language in 3 months but that is difficult to do. Government entities claim that it takes at least 2,200 man hours to learn this language. This of course works out to be three months. However, this figure is unrealistic.

Fluent Mandarin speakers say that 2,200 man hours is needed but that does not mean a person is going to grasp this language in this amount of time. Learning Chinese takes patience and it also takes dedication. These two characteristics are what makes the Chinese language a relatively easy thing to grasp despite its complexity.

Keep in mind that it will take you at least a year to get a basic understanding of this language. However, if you do not practice or continue to build on the language you will lose most of what you learned. Remember that Chinese people even sometimes have difficulty with learning and remembering some parts of their own language. This is because it is so complicated. Can you learn Chinese in a year? The answer is yes you can but you better be dedicated to the process to get good results.