Teaching Mandarin To Cantonese Speaker

By OptiLingo

In today’s society, most people are either bilingual or multilingual. Considering the diversity of jobs this is actually a beautiful skill set to have and can get you promotions within your field. You are probably why you should learn a language now. It is important because we are a diverse people and we need to not only be able to communicate with each other but also have an understanding of each other. Knowing another language opens you up to a whole new world of people and their culture. That means you will come to respect and appreciate their differences. You do not want to come off as not be able to show kindness just because you do not know the other persons language. That is why the Toronto Mandarin School is teaching a course in Mandarin for Cantonese speakers.

If you already possess some of the simple Mandarin languages, then you can advance in this course. All you need is to register and come to class. The first part of learning the language is to get the tones and pinyin. This helps with enunciation of the vowels and the words as a whole to get it right. Understand that you have to start here as a foundation before moving on to more complex word use. Once you have gotten the times and pinyin down, the next phase of the class requires more attention and work because it deals with saying over 100 everyday phrases in the language. These phrases are broken down to ensure that you are able to pronounce every syllable clearly. Also, a teacher that uses the language regularly will be there to guide you in making sure you are picking up the enunciation without a hitch. If you find that learning in a smaller group helps you than they do offer that. There are also one on one sessions available.

If you want to know how to learn Mandarin for Cantonese speakers, you will need to understand that it will take patience. This is not an easy language to learn overnight and you will mess up a few times before you actually get it. You must practice every day and also in your spare time. You can study your notes and ask someone outside of class who knows the language to tutor you. You get the language in your head by watching programs that contain nothing but the Mandarin tongue. That way if you around it more, you can pick it up better.

The Toronto Mandarin School has been teaching the language to children and adults. They have even taught people who are in businesses looking to expand their customer base. Growing strong for 15 years now the program started with just 23 students and took off from there. Now there are seven different locations with well over 80 teachers and 1,000 students. You can choose from over 56 different courses. The number one goal of the school has always been to teach Putonghua which is the standard Mandarin language. You will also learn a phonetic system in Chinese that is called Hanyu Pinyin. Considering that this the main language of the Mainland in China, you will also learn the characters. It is all understanding and appreciating the culture and the people who are in another territory.

The Well-Qualified Language Instructors

In order to learn the Mandarin language, you need instructors that speak it. Not only that, they have to have experience working with any age group in getting them to lean it. That is what the Toronto has done. Their teachers are well-qualified to teach the classes because they are from mainland China and know the language. They will work with you starting off slow with phrases you may already know how to say and progress from there. You will also learn everyday phrases that are said most often to be able to communicate on a daily basis.

Professional Teaching Methods

The first thing to understand is that this language will be taught as a second language. In order for you to pick up the language, there are various strategic learning disciplines that are implemented to help you get the language. You get to role play and engage in fun activities that help you pick up the everyday phrases faster. This is considered active learning and truly does make a difference. You will enjoy learning the language because the teacher will make it fun for the class. This will help make learning it a bit easier.

The Learning Materials

There is a curriculum to follow and learning material that is practical. If you are overseas and what to learn the Chinese Mandarin language as a second language you can use these learning materials that the school has gotten together with other educators to make for foreigners who want to learn the language.

A String Support System

If you find that you need extra help, you can get it free of charge. There is a support hotline that you can access 24 hours and seven days a week. You can also use email. There are Emerson experiences of the culture that will help you to pick up the language as well as language exchange partners. There is no reason to think that you will never get the language because there is plenty of help provided to teach you what you need to know, and you will have fun in the process. The cool thing about this school is that everything is done the Mandarin language, that includes activities and field trips. You can take a free trial class and decide by the third lesson if learning this language right the thing for you to do. If it is then you can register for a course. There are plenty of activities for your children that help them to learn the language as well. They can also get into the course while you are with the adults learning. There is a camp designed just for them and they have emerged into the Mandarin experience and language just like you. Plus, children are young which helps in picking up the language easier.

If you would like to know how to learn Mandarin for Cantonese speakers, you can go to this school and at least sit through a couple of trial classes before making up your mind to do it. You will find that the language may not be all that hard to pick up considering you already know a little bit of it. Sign up for your classes today so you can learn the official language of Mainland China.