Simple Tips To Learn Mandarin Chinese Quickly

By OptiLingo

The great world hero Nelson Mandela once said that if you speak to a man in a language that he understands it goes to his head but if you talk to him in his own language you speak to his heart. When you go to a foreign country or if you simply meet someone and talk to them in their own language it endears them to listen to what you have to stay and instills in them a trust to work with you. Learning different languages opens up the pathway to understanding each other’s culture and thought processes.

In 2016 President Xi Jinping from China visited the White House under the Obama presidency. Following their meeting, President Obama announced a program to introduce Mandarin Chinese into U.S. pre-schools. Since that time, millions of American students from kindergarten to twelfth grades began to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly. The Department of Education stated that following Spanish, Mandarin was the next popular language program being taught in the U.S. and in European countries.

Why is the Mandarin Chinese immersion language chosen for U.S. Students to master? The simple truth in learning Chinese is to invest in the future of Chinese and American relationships. The idea is to equip our future leaders with the skills to work, trade, compete, and trust working with China, which is the world’s leading supplier of technological advancement in every industry. The Department of Education reports that the easiest way to learn Chinese is prepare young minds for working bilaterially with China.

The result of children learning Mandarin in educational institutions around the nation is very positive. The children have already begun to learn Mandarin Chinese fast and have even influenced their parents and family members to learn it also. It makes sense to use your child’s Chinese workbooks but which are useful in learning the Chinese characters with English translations. What is the easiest way to learn Chinese language? Mandarin Chinese is a complex language to learn, especially for English speakers. By training yourself to practice each day with textbooks that you could also acquire through your local library and practice learning and writing Chinese characters.

Additionally, converse with a native Mandarin online or even through online Mandarin school courses. Invest in Chinese films with subtitles, use DVDS or videos, listen to Mandarin Chinese music, stream TV programs, download apps to your phone, or better yet, immerce yourself in this native language by treating yourself to a trip to China or Taiwan. Using any of these mediums to learn Mandarn Chinese quickly allows you to learn this interesting yet complicated language by using the pausing method to aid your memorization and concentration technique.

Also, consider including a family members or a friend to help you on your language journey. After all, you will have more fun and you’ll have someone to practice with. When you use the Internet to help find Chinese sites, search for QQ which is a chat tool that is only popular in China. With QQ you will be introduced to language learning groups and rooms where individuals are learning English. You can interact with the QQ groups and in all likelihood, you can find native language partners who are willing to help you learn their beloved language.

To easiest way to learn Chinese on your own is with the Pinyin system. This language system gives leaners the ability to write Mandarin Chinese in Roman letters rather than Chinese characters. The Pinyin systems teaches you the basic language with communication wording, the tone of the language, learn the Chinese alphabet/numerical system, learn pronunciation techniques, and how to count in Mandarin Chinese. The Pinyin system uses the Roman alphabet as its foundation in the pronunciation of its letters for English speakers. Learning the Pinyin system can be an invaluable aid in typing Chinese on a Western keyboard. In addition to pronunciation, to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly also centers around learning Chinse characters.

When you learn a few basic Chinese characters especially in communication verbiage like saying hello, yes, no, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, I don’t understand, and good bye. Learning simply characters helps English speakers to formulate basic sentences. Only by learning the basic Chinese characters can you eventually advanced to learning intermediate Mandarin Chinese. Also, learn the Mandarin numerical system which pretty logical. Begin by learning one to ten which is relatively simple to learn. For example:

  1. one is () or yī, pronounced (eee)
  2. two is () or èr, pronounced (err)
  3. three is () or sān, pronounced (saan)
  4. four is () or sì, pronounced (ssuh)
  5. five is () or wǔ, pronounced (woo)
  6. six is () or liù, pronounced (lee-yoe)
  7. seven is () or qī, pronounced (chi)
  8. eight is () or bā, pronounced (baa)
  9. nine is () or jiǔ, pronounced (jee-yo)
  10. ten is () or shí, pronounced (sh)

Learning higher numbers becomes so very interesting when you write numbers like the number 48 is a combination of the number 4 symbol and the number 8 symbol with the ten symbol in the middle or 4 tens plus eight (sì shí bā (四十八))

Remember not to be so hard on yourself if you are not progressing as you think you should. Learning any language is a slow and gradual progression. Mandarin Chinese will require your daily study and your time to learn and enjoy. The easiest way to learn Chinese language is to consider signing up for a local community center course or enrolling at a local college. The growth of Asian neighborhoods around the U.S. is growing exponentially and so are available courses to learrn the language for low costs like $300 per year.

Learning Mandarin Chinese is further simplified because there are no complicated language rules regarding gender, plural nouns, past/future tense, sentence agreemets, etc. The majority of Chinese words are made up of single syllables which are combined to make compound words. Despite the differences, the Chinese language still has their own rules regarding verbs. For example, the English phrase “he likes cats” is broken down and translated as “tā (he) xǐ huan (likes) māo (cats). As a culmination in how to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly is in the tone of your voice. There are four key vocal tones.

The first tonal guttering is a high, flat tone where your voice stays flat without a rise or dip. The second tone is higher where your voice rises from a low to middle tonal pitch like you are asking “what?” The third tone is a little dip tone where your vocal pitch goes from middle to low to high, as if you were saying the letter “B.” The fourth vocal tone is the lowest of all. The pitch starts high and the rapidly dips lower as if you were a police officer telling a criminal to “stop!” All these tips will help you learn Mandarin Chinese fast as you immerse yourself in learning the Chinese language especially as you interact with native speakers.