Reasons Why You Should Learn Chinese In The Modern World

By OptiLingo

People have taken notice since Mark Zuckerburg said that he was learning Chinese at a university speech. The event was a time for Mark to offer his whole speech in Chinese. He talked about his ideas and thoughts in Chinese, and he also took questions in Chinese. He demonstrated an incredible facility with the language, and he did so because it is vitally necessary.

Experts in the business field noted that he was able to learn the Chinese language, to use it with some facility, and to manage his grammar and punctuation. He created an ambience in the room that spoke to the level of care he had taken. He was doing what most people in business would not do.

Mark Zuckerburg learned Chinese. Business executives have been coming to China for a long time as they watched the country expand. The country expanded at such a rate that most people did not bother to learn Chinese because they were making money. Mark Zuckerburg did the right thing, and he showed that he cared.

There was a Lunar New Year broadcast where Mark sent out a message for the people of the world to hear. He wanted these people to know that he had learned Chinese, and he gave the message with his daughter present. He and his wife wanted people to see that they were taking business seriously in China instead of simply pillaging the nation for profit.

Mandarin is a unique language that people might not realize has so many different sounds. There are four tones that non-native speakers will miss, and even though Mark missed these tones, he proved that he knew what he was saying. There will come a time in the future where he will be able to speak perfectly, and it will show that he is even more committed to the region than people thought.

No one is interested in the motives behind learning the language. Many people learn Chinese to travel to the country, and others will learn the language as an exercise as if they were in a program at school. There are others that will want to learn this language because they believe that it will be fun. There is no need to judge anyone for their motivations, but there are a few reasons that all people should learn to use this language in everyday conversation.

Mandarin speakers who have been immersed in this language all their lives can explain why should learn Chinese.

Chinese is one of the most important languages in the world. It is spoken by at least 1.3 billion people, and the country itself has been growing at such a rate that it is eclipsing other countries. The Chinese economy is a place where companies go to expand, and it is a place where people go to learn about growing their business. Mark Zuckerburg is not the only person who knows this. Everyone can see that China matters.

There is no reason to assume that you need to be in China to speak Chinese. You could end up working with people who speak Chinese, and you might have friends who came to America or the west for their education. The Chinese language is everywhere even though it is not the most pervasive language in the world. It might one day take over English, but it will. The people who speak Chinese will be delighted to know that you speak a little Chinese.

The people who learn Chinese get to learn a new way to think about language. There are a lot of people who would prefer to use Chinese because they are working with Asian clients, and there are others who want to get to know their friends better. The language is fun because it has intricacies that are not in English, and that is why it is important for you to learn just because you think it will be fun.

The Chinese art of calligraphy is one of the oldest arts in the world, and it is something that you would learn easily once you have gotten a hold of the language. You could learn the calligraphy at the same time that you are learning the characters. There are a number of characters that are quite simple, and you could start there while you learn to speak and read. This is the best thing to do when you want to have a full experience in the language, and it helps you feel as though you have taken ownership of the language.

Chinese characters are not as frightening as you think because they have simple lines that are easy to copy. You need to put all these lines together to make characters, and you should remember that you progress through simple characters to harder characters as you learn. You will learn harder words as you go, and that makes it easier for you to gain some facility with the language. If you have studied other languages, you can study Chinese.

There are no tenses, no male or female, and no conjugation. This language does not require as much work as others. You should remember that when writing. The majority of people who are trying to learn Mandarin Chinese would do much better if they had an understanding of simple characters.

The characters in the language often link together, and they create words out of two similar words. You can create compound words easily, and it works much better than English.

There are many resources for learning Chinese online, and you must be certain that you have downloaded them and used them with a real pen. Learn to write something that allows you to have an experience with the language.

Chinese works for people fairly well most of the time simply because it is not actually that complex. You could spend a long time learning to read and write Chinese, but it will come to you as you practice. You could make this language a lifelong pursuit that is fun to do every day, and you will have a new skill that you can share with others. At the very least, the people who are around you will appreciate when you speak in their native tongue.

Choose to learn a little Chinese every day with an app and some paper to write your characters. You will struggle at first, but there is good reason why should learn Chinese.

There is no reason you cannot start learning this language today. It might seem difficult, but it is one that anyone can tackle. People who have language training can transfer that knowledge to this language with ease.