Mastering the Chinese Language in 6 Months or Less

By OptiLingo

The difficulty of learning a new language depends on its similarity with your mother tongue. French, for instance, can be learned easily by those who are speaking Spanish and Italian. Germans, on the other hand, could learn English easily because the two languages are basically on the same family tree. However, the problem arises with two different languages coming from two separate family trees – What if an Arab tried to learn Chinese? Is it possible for an Arab to become a fluent Chinese speaker in a short span of time? Can you learn Chinese in 6 months? The answer is YES! It might be difficult at first, but learning certain techniques while studying the language would be your ticket to becoming a fluent speaker of the Chinese language. “How to learn Chinese in 6 months?” you might ask. There are certain tips that you can do to harness your ability in speaking the Chinese language.

Study the background and the history of the Chinese language

Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese language is not a single language. It is subdivided into different dialects, and there are hundreds of dialects spoken in China today. The most popular ones are Mandarin – which is used by the majority of the population, followed by Cantonese, and Shanghainese. Students who wanted to learn how to speak Chinese are taking up courses that specialize in the Mandarin language. Because of the diversity of the Chinese language, students are having a hard time learning about the rules and the scripts used. Chinese language experts are saying that it is normal for non-native speakers to find the language intimidating at first, especially when they are no longer able to read each script. However, with proper training, even non-speakers could become a good Chinese language speaker.

Once you managed to learn a quick background of the Chinese language, your next move would be moving into China. This can be an unpopular way of learning the language, but it has been proven over and over that living with the locals and engaging on a daily conversation with them could be the fastest way to learn a new language. Many people are trying to search phrases like “can you learn Chinese in 6 months” on the internet, and they could not believe that people who are actually moving into China are learning faster than those who are learning the language at school. It could be the human instinct of adaptation that causes someone to learn a language faster when they are blending with the locals. The question how to learn Chinese in 6 months is also answered with suggestions like living in China for several months, and many people on the internet are saying that the idea works, and the government is also paying those who wanted to learn their language. That would be a great deal.


Once you are in China…

You can also opt to study at international universities that offer the language as a subject course. Remember that there are multiple languages in the country, and choose the city (preferably Beijing) where Mandarin is the primary language. This would be your stepping stone in learning the Chinese language. Tsinghua University, the top university in China, offers a five-month course that lets the students know the basics about the Chinese language. Professional instructors will also train students on how they can become fluent in speaking the language in a short span of time. The cost of living in China is also way lower compared to the Western world, and a five-month stay in Tsinghua University would only cost USD 2,000. That amount includes the payment for the dormitory, an air conditioning unit, and the internet. If you are lucky, you can also secure a scholarship from various universities across the country. To help you get better with speaking the language, it is also recommended to hire a private tutor who will be teaching you the basics until you become an expert. Chinese tutors are strict, so be prepared for a high level of emotion when you are trying to speak the language in a manner that would annoy the tutor.

Another thing that you might want to consider is befriending a Chinese national, and try to become language partners. Teach them how to speak your language, while letting them teach you how to speak Chinese. This is a great way to learn the language because you will now be able to practice your skill in learning the Chinese language. Your language partner could also give you tips on how to properly speak the language, and you can also ask them to correct you if you are mispronouncing words. Intonations in the Chinese language are also a major part of the learning curve, and having a native speaker by your side would have it easier for you to learn what the right tones for certain words are. If your language partner happens to be on a day off, try watching a movie or the television instead. It will help you speak the right pronunciation and intonation, and over time, you might notice that some of the words being spoken on TV will become understandable.


Finally, never give up on learning the Chinese language

It is understandable for a first timer to feel exhausted after trying to speak the language, but always remember that no one has become successful without working hard for it. No matter how difficult the situation might be, continue to focus on your goals, and practice every day. Practicing frequently helps you master the language, and try to use recorded audio files as well to serve as a guide in how to say the words right. If you are able to follow the tips stated above, you would notice that you will start to become comfortable in speaking Chinese after 5 to 6 months. If you would like to continue learning about the languages of China, you could try switching to a different area and try to blend with the people once again. Mandarin is the most widely spoken languages in the country, and if you happen to stay in Beijing, you might want to consider moving to Shanghai or Guangdong to learn about their respective languages.

Chinese is one of the world’s most ancient languages, and it would be a great achievement if you will be able to decipher every Chinese script that was lost in history. People will also be required to learn Chinese because of the country’s growing influence on a global scale – both politically, and economically.