Learning the Chinese Language

By OptiLingo

This article is going to discuss how to learn Chinese words. The most common form of Chinese language taught in Mandarin. Some people believe that learning Chinese is extremely hard but it is said that Chinese is similar to the English language. Learning a new language can be overwhelming it can be accomplished with practice each day. Some recommendations for learning a new language can be using sticky notes with practice words throughout the house. This will help remind you to use your new language. When you leave your house, find something and use the Chinese word for that item. Then try using that Chinese word in a sentence. Another trick is putting those words on your phone. You should try to learn at least 10 to 20 new words each day. Keep a list of these words and practice these words at the end of your day.

Begin how to learn Chines words is to find what works best for you. Some people like to learn new languages by using books. Nowadays, you can learn a new language online, either on your computer or your phone. There are also audio courses for those who like to hear the words spoken and the native tongue. There are a large variety of different applications for learning languages. Some of these applications can be expensive, but there are some that are free and just as good as any. You can also access “YouTube”, and learn Chinese on your TV or your computer.

The first step in learning any new language is starting with basic everyday words. Most applications begin teaching you these words such as hello, goodbye, street, house and etc. Listening to language audio programs will help you focus on the sounds of the words. By listening to the words and how they are pronounced, as in repeating those words, will help you remember the word in Chinese. Native speakers of the Chinese language can also help you with pronunciation and tones, so you’ll know if you’re pronouncing the word correctly. Computer applications such as “Rosetta Stone”, or “Duolingo”, shows you how the word is written and then pronounced. Most of these programs also show you how to distinguish the correct word in a phrase. The benefit to using audio is that you can take it wherever you want to go and you can practice anytime. Try listening to your language audio programs while driving or working out at the gym.

In order to learn the Chinese language, you must learn the tones of the language. You should listen to the tones and repeat them. The most recognized way to learn Chinese is the “Pinyin” system. This is the phonetic system for pronouncing Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet. The system helps you learn the Chinese language. You should begin with the basic greetings and numbers. Recognizing how to pronounce and letters are paramount. Pronunciation is important, so it is wise to spend a little extra time learning consonants and vowels. Learning basic phrases in Chinese and practicing each day will increase the speed of your learning. You should try to mimic the way the native speakers pronounce the words in order to learn the language properly.

Most people believe that learning the Chinese language is extremely hard. The Chinese writing system is non-alphabetic and consists of characters. It is recommended that one learn how to speak the language first before attempting to learn how to write it. Unlike some other languages, changing the tone of your voice when pronouncing a word in Chinese can result in multiple Meanings of the word. It’s also been recommended that you record yourself speaking the language and then play it back. You should at least practice 30 minutes each day in order to get a good start I’m learning Chinese.

Computer applications like “Rosetta Stone” or “Duolingo”, start with the basics by teaching reading, writing and speaking the Chinese language. These programs also provide games the help you learn new phrases and by making it fun. The lessons offer a variety of ways to learn new words and how to pronounce them properly You are also tested to show the areas that you need the most work on. Some programs allow you to hear a native speaker say the word and then you repeat it. These programs also offer ways to chat online with other students, who are trying to learn the same language. Sometimes just working with other students helps you understand a little more and makes learning a little more enjoyable. These programs also concentrate on the pronunciation of the words. Computer programs also have voice recognition, which enables you to speak the word and then the program determines if it’s pronounced correctly.

The key to learning Chinese or any language is practice. You must set aside time each day to practice the language. The advantages of using computer programs foreign language is that you can use these anywhere and on your own time. It can also help you get out and meet people that actually speak the language. Just having a 5-minute conversation with someone can help you immensely. Try watching Chinese movies or Chinese television programs. Hearing the tones and how the words are pronounced will help. Just speaking the language doesn’t always help, you have to listen.

For some people, how to learn chinese words is in a classroom setting. In the classroom setting, you have the opportunity to ask questions and have a teacher work with you. Whatever system you choose to use, whether it’s online or in person, it takes time and patience. Some people can learn the language in 3 months, but for most people, it may take a whole lot longer time to get fluent. You can learn the Chinese language and there are a variety of guides to help you. Do your research and find the one that works the best for you. Don’t be afraid to just switch around until you find the one that works for you. Don’t worry about what other people say about learning a new language, each person learns differently and at their own speed. The beauty of learning a second language is that not everybody can accomplish this task. Be consistent and find the method that works for you.