Learning The Chinese Language Like a Pro

By OptiLingo

Apart from whether they are similar or not, a lot of people have always wondered which language is easier to learn between Chinese and Japanese. Needless to say, many people who’ve had experience with both tongues always pick Japanese as the much harder, and this is with good reason. That said, if you wonder which to learn Chinese or Japanese then I would recommend you start with Chinese just by the simple fact that its easier.

Learning Chinese with Ease

Deciding what to learn Chinese or Japanese becomes a tad easier when you’ve made your mind up. And now that you’ve decided to learn Chinese, you’re supposed to accept the fact that doing so won’t be easy. Once you’ve already embraced that kind of mindset, there is absolutely nothing that is going to bring you down or discourage you to learn Japanese or Chinese.

Remember to have as much fun as you can because that’s what learning a new language is supposed to be all about. Cherish all your stupid mistakes and get a good laugh out of mispronouncing the words.

That way, you’ll always look forward to your next attempt and you’ll be a fluent speaker in no time. When it comes best language to learn chinese or japanese, you should go for chinese (as mentioned earlier) since its not only easier to learn but its even easier to speak.

This is simply incredible since learning how to speak will make your writing process even easier and fun. And once you can speak as fluently as you possibly can, then knowing what to learn japanese or chinese as far as writing is concerned shouldn’t really be that much of a problem.

Before we get to the age-old question, why learn japanese or chinese languages, it is also important to note that its easier to learn japanese or chinese using the much simplified characters. Most people fail learning either of these languages because they start with the difficult characters right off the butt.

And needless to say, most of them often get discouraged along the way. Once you’ve decided which to learn chinese or japanese then your next order of business should be either moving to china or japan. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that living among the natives will make the process of learning a new language seem quite easy. That’s simply because the natives make it look easy.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial ability to uproot their entire livelihoods and move to another country just for the sake of learning a new language. If that’s the case, then you can simply surround yourself with other students who are trying to master the language. As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Which means you’ll have an easier time sharing ideas as well as hacks to learning the language quite fast. Apart from sharing ideas about mastering the Chinese language, you and your buddies will also encourage each other to push harder since you definitely won’t be at 100% all the time, meaning at times you’ll want to give up.

If you have the money, you can always find a good tutor to help you out. In my experience, having a personal tutor is much better than attending a school that teaches Chinese. This is so because of the simple fact that a tutor will give you the right kind of attention than a teacher whose job is to impart knowledge and leave.

And with the tutor caring enough to know your weaknesses as well as your strengths, you’ll always end up learning quite fast which is incredible. Your tutor will also give you tests that will go a long way in gauging your personal growth and not just an exam to help you pass irrespective of your mastery of the language.

Last but not least, studying the Chinese culture will help you understand their language even better. Thankfully, there are more than a handful (and reliable) on YouTube that you can use. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you’re good to go. You can also find some of these extremely useful videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Reasons for Learning Chinese

Once you have known what to learn chinese or japanese and have used any (or all of the above methods) to achieve your goal, now you can start to reap the benefits of your hard work. First and foremost, you’ll always have an easier time establishing a business in China or any other Chinese speaking cities. This is because of the simple fact that you can communicate with the Chinese natives with ease.

Apart from thriving in business, you will also have a better chance of getting further education in their world-class universities. This will be incredible for you since you won’t have to be crippled by the need to burden yourself by having to study the language before taking up the course of your choice.

The reason why the best language to learn Chinese or japanese is chinese is simply because you can always advance from there and learn Japanese of mandarin without having to strain a lot. That said, you can always start with Chinese then branch out. And in the end, you’d have learned two useful languages with ease, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

That said, you are the one to choose what to learn japanese or chinese because you’re the only one who knows what will work for you when all is said and done. And the most beautiful thing is you can learn to speak chinese without knowing how to read or write and still enjoy the benefits of doing so. That said, its all on you when all is said and done.


So why learn japanese or chinese in the first place? Well, for starters, learning any language is incredibly fun. Learning either of the two languages can also open doors for you, both socially as well as economically. Thankfully, and as mentioned earlier, there are more than enough ways you can use to learn japanese or chinese or both.

The trick here is remaining as patient as you can and everything will work out in your favor. Remember to read as many books as possible and even get to the point of watching movies in either chinese or Japanese.

That way, you’ll end up grasping the language faster than attending rather boring classes. But irrespective of the level of hardness, it is important for you to always choose the language that tickles your fancy the most and learned it. And while you are at it, always remember to have as much fun as you can!