Learning The Chinese Language In 30 Days

By OptiLingo

Learning a different language in at an adult age can be a bit of a challenge. When you are dealing with your children, spouse, work, and school, there is hardly enough time to spend on yourself let alone learning another language. However, there is a simple method you can use as a discipline that could have you speaking in another language sooner than most people. Do you know how to learn Chinese in 30 days? Well, here is your chance to get it done. There are some steps involved but with the right attitude, you can definitely do it. There are no gimmicks or tricks either.

Learning another language is essential to our society. Our world is very diverse, but so are our cities and neighborhoods. It is ok to want to converse with your neighbor in their native tongue. That will draw you closer as friends and you guys will have greater respect for each other. Also, think about that promotion you can get on your job if you happen to know a language other than what you were born into. There would be no need to worry about finding someone to translate while you ask questions. You could do it yourself. Your boss would definitely be impressed and you could climb the ladder of success at your job thanks to the one or many languages that you know. If you speak Chinese, you really are doing yourself a huge favor because then you could represent your company diplomatically. If you are given favor because of knowing their language, look for opportunities to start opening up for faster than any other employee on that job.

If you are looking to master the Chinese language, there is a guide that will you do it and as stated before, the method is very simple. You are looking at approximately 15 minutes a day to grasp this language if you follow the steps correctly. There is a guide and it does not matter if you are a beginner or just happen to know a little bit of the language. Plus, if you choose to go beyond the 30 days to learn more than you will find that getting the 15 minutes it will not be a struggle. That 15 minutes might turn into 30 or maybe even an hour. It won’t be so much of a headache to find time to your studying done.

You will need a few things. First, you will have to download the guide. Then you need the Chinese poster with the characters on it. It is good to have that because you need to be able to do any written homework that is offered in the study guide. If you happen to have a Chinese writing book that will also help you out. The more things you have that is written in the Chinese language to study with, the easier it will be for you to grasp the language. All you need now is s very relaxed environment after putting the children to bed and you can now begin your study.

Week Number One

When learning to write Chinese there are seven steps to take in order get this down. You can get done during the first week of study. This is actually the fun part. You have to put your strokes and know the rules to writing Chinese characters. Learning the names of those strokes also helps.

     Step Number One

Get the Chinese flashcards. If you are taking Chinese in school and have an exam, these can be very helpful. You can look at how the characters are written and study the flow before trying to practice them on your own.

     Step Number Two

This is where the characters come in. Each one can represent a story of it will help you remember when to write it down. There are radicals that are pieces of a character that for you have pronunciation and a definition. When learning Chinese you need to try and memorize these characters, and one way to do that is come up with an easy story for each one.

     Steps Number Three and Four

You must learn what balance is all about. If you want to make sure you are drawing your characters correctly, you need to make sure the paper you have comes with a grid. Also, you need to memorize the characters and learn how to write until you get as perfect as possible. Yes, you will mess up, it is your first time. However, you will eventually get it.

Week Number Two

It is now time to speak the language. However, you need to master about five tones that come with the Mandarin language. Having the tones down will help a Chinese person understand certain words you are trying to say and won’t confuse them with anything else. Also, you need to study how the Chinese person speaks with those tones and their language so you can practice.

Week Number Three

This is a pretty easy week because it is all about practicing. You can use the app on your phone along with the study guide to get your characters right and pronounce your words. This week, you can keep at it with the voice tool and will be amazed at how much you have actually picked up. Of course, you can go back over the weak spots in the Mandarin tones that you were having trouble with. You can listen to a Chinese voice tool on the app and repeat what was said using the skills you have already learned. Once you listen to the voice tool in Chinese, go back and repeat what you heard and get the tones correct. Do it several times until you get it down.

Week Number Four

The last week is all about keeping track of your progress and elevating your study if you want to know how to learn Chinese in 30 days. You should set goals and reach them knowing you have covered more material already and have mastered a few things. Continue practicing your character writing and mandarin pronunciation so that you can be an expert at. If you would more intense after learning the basics, consider taking a course in Chinese. The more you indulge you in the more you will have it down. Start speaking to yourself in that language or if you have a friend who is Chinese ask them to talk to you in their native tongue. They will be thrilled that you have chosen their dialect to learn because the language is beautiful.