Learning Chinese Pinyin Fast

By OptiLingo

You love to hear people talk in their native language. It sounds so beautiful to your ears. That is good that you can appreciate such things that display the differences in everyone’s culture. The best part is that you could actually learn it. What language that sticks out the most that you love to hear? It is Chinese? You would be surprised how beautiful this language is once you learn how to speak. You will come to respect something so wonderful and you will want to keep at till you have mastered it. So is it possible to learn Chinese fast? Yes, it is. If you take time out of your busy schedule to really buckle down and get it, then you can master it quickly.

If you want to know how to learn Chinese Pinyin fast, you need a guide to show you how it is done. Pinyin can be difficult for some people but easy for others. If you find that you can easily pick up this language than go for because you are definitely helping yourself out by learning something new. Learning a new language has its advantages. Think about that promotion on your job that requires knowing Chinese because of the associations that your company has with that country. You could be an ambassador for your job if you know how to speak it. You will have your own corner office if you keep at it. Plus, learning one language will push you to learn more. Instead of being bilingual, you will be multilingual. That offers plenty of opportunities for you and keeps your bank account looking good. Even if you are not on a job that needs these skills, should you own business someday these are skills that would help to increase your customer base? If you want to know how to learn Chinese pinyin quickly, there are some steps you should consider taking to make it happen. In order to learn the language as a whole, you must get the pronunciation down.

1. Learning The Phonetics Of Chinese

There are sounds and characters that you must get in order to learn the language. Pinyin is considered the romanization of the Chinese language. Basically, it is the standard of sounds that help to make this a Mandarin language as beautiful as it is. You need to be able to get the sounds down in order for anyone to understand what you say. There are well over 400 different sounds to learn but take it slow. You only want to learn a few at a time. Since you are learning it fast, it’s best to learn the easier Pinyin before moving to something harder. The pinyin is what makes up the substance of the word and the way you pronounce is how you will be understood if a Chinese person you are speaking to can understand you at all. So you need to get those pronunciations right. If you take the time to pronounce each one at least 10 times before moving on to the next one. You will have it down.

2. Get The Pinyin System Down

You need to get the pinyin down by memorizing the consonants and all of the vowels. As stated above start with the easier ones first. You must spend some time getting your sounds down with the correct pronunciation and going over it as much as possible so that you have trained yourself to where the harder sounds are no longer that hard to get. One of the ways to help you get the pinyin down is to listen to Chinese children songs. You will definitely get it if you listen closely and sing along to the lyrics. There are so many sounds and you will easily pick them up from the music. Music will help anyone willing to get down to the business of memorizing and keeping something important in their heart and in their head. So start off with any Chinese children song that would be easy for you to remember in terms of the pronunciation and just go from there. You will have the pinyin down and on your way to understanding the rat of the Chinese language in no time.

3. You Must Learn The Tones

This is where the Mandarin comes in. If you want to know how to learn Chinese pinyin fast you will definitely need the four tones. Because the Chinese language is considered a language full of tones, a Chinese person can understand you and it does not matter if you got the tones right or not as long as you have the pronunciation of the pinyin. Just so you know, there are only 430 monosyllabic characters that are part of the language. When you are using tones, you are increasing your monosyllabic usage. That is why the tones are so important. Although there are four of them, you can easily add a fifth one if you are going to count the central language of the Chinese people. For the most part, the four tones are standard with the Mandarin language. You know you have got them when you are communicating with someone in the language and they answer back with a response to what you have said.

4. Learn All Of The Neutral Tones

If you want to know how to learn Chinese pinyin quickly, you must understand and get down all of the neutral tones of the Chinese language. These tones are considered weak in nature but could help yours in the pronunciation of words. They are weak because they are either silent or have no hard pronunciation to them. They are easier to learn about the language.

Learning pinyin in the Chinese language it takes time but can be done with an incredible amount of speed if you set your mind to getting it done. You will be surprised at what you could learn in just 30 days. It is not that you would have learned everything but you would have laid down a foundation to get it and soon will know the language in its entirety. That is not just for the Chinese language but any of them that spark your interest. By learning the phonetics and understanding the Mandarin rounds, you are going to be successful in how to learn the Chinese pinyin fast. There is no pronunciation in this tongue that you can not conquer or not learn. Put in at least 30 minutes a day and see what a difference that would make. You will find yourself increasing in your new language really fast.