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The Chinese language has a rich history. To start with, this language is a Sino-Tibetan language which began in the 10thcentury BC in East Asia. Currently, this language is spoken in over nine countries as well as territories around Asia. Many more states are speaking Chinese throughout the world. This language a native language for more than 900 million people and is currently an official language for six countries. China, at the moment, is where there is the most significant number of Chinese speakers; Taiwan follows it, then Hong Kong, Singapore and finally Thailand. Worldwide, it is estimated that there are more than 1 billion Chinese speakers, which makes this language be the most spoken language world over. In essence, up to 14.6% of the population in the world speaks Chinese. This fact alone makes this language be a smart choice for anyone willing to learn a new foreign language.

Facts about the Chinese language

If the above facts about the Chinese language are not convincing enough, here are more stats about the language, and know how to learn Chinese online competently.

As it currently stands, modern Chinese speakers today learn both their regional dialects as well as Mandarin so that they can maximize on their communication potential. Also today, Mandarin is considered the official language in this country as well as Taiwan, and it is now being used by most Chinese educational institutions like schools, colleges and even universities. Most of their television stations and radios also use Mandarin.

Being the world’s most spoken language, most people are grappling to learn it. There are paid courses as well as free courses in various institutions the world over. Be that as it may, many other online websites are offering free Chinese language courses for absolutely nix.

How can I learn Chinese online?

This is a question that has been asked by a lot o f people; however, you can learn the Chinese language with free daily lessons on a vast majority of websites. In case you are wondering the about the best way you can learn Chinese for free then you have come to the right place. Get yourself a phone application by the name Mondly. This is a language application that has so far helped millions of people across the world to learn Chinese on the internet for free. The app gives subscribers daily free online Chinese classes. It uses rapid language learning technique to teach the user the Chinese language in an effective, quick and fun way. So with this, the question of ‘how can I learn Chinese online is loved.

The other question is where to learn Chinese online

Besides the Mondly app, there are also a couple of websites where you can learn Chinese. For example, there is the BBC.uk website where people get Chinese lessons. It is also free. The programs are well tailored for any Chinese enthusiast and upon following to the programs; you will learn some common phrases and Chinese grammar.

How to learn Chinese language online for free

Now that you have known reputable places where to learn Chinese online, it is time to know the best ways of learning the language online, without having someone next to you to demonstrate. Try to understand the chemise phrases and ensure you remember them. For a fact, they are easy to remember since they have a meaning. Phrases paint a picture and also tell a story. Ensure you focus on Chinese common phrases and within a short period, you will start finding yourself memorizing common Chinese words. Slowly, you will also find yourself constructing Chinese sentences and as time goes by, you will start speaking Chinese phrases. In a short while you will find yourself taking part in Chinese conversations. This Chinese language called Mondly will offer you both smart and fun Chinese lessons and is sure to boost your Chinese grasp of vocabularies, pronunciation as well as grammar.

Master it by listening to the native speakers

The other best way of learning this language faster is to listen to the natives speak. This will help boost your understanding of the language as well as giving you a boost on your quest on how to learn Chinese language online. When you listen to them and then depend on your Chinese app practice, you will find out that you are making significant progress every other day. You cannot solely learn this language in any other language by just reading textbooks. However, when you hear this language as is spoken by the natives naturally in the everyday context, then you get to understand it more and more. In that regard, this Application is currently working with other professionals in Chinese native speakers in the field to have their voices recorded clearly so that the user can enjoy listening to perfect Chinese pronunciation and the accent. All this will soon come to you online, and will adequately answer your question of ‘how can I learn Chinese online’.

Practice Whatever You Have Learnt In Real Conversations

Learn Chinese fast online by practice what you study on the app then practicing it in the real world situation. No matter what language you are learning, it cannot be of help if you can’t put what you have practiced in action. Therefore, there is a need for one to speak the Chinese language to learn it. Since immersing oneself in other cultures can take much of your precious time, the technology used in this app allows you to engage yourself in the real world conversations from the convenience of your living room or office. It enables you therefore to practice a casual conversation with a native speaker of Chinese. With this function, you can even book a hotel room, or also order food from in a hotel at any time of the day. As you ponder about ordering food from a restaurant, you will see that this phone application the best way to learn Chinese fast online without even anyone noticing.

Lock In What You Have Learnt Using The Smart Repetition System

One can argue that the endless repetition of words has no significant effect when learning a new language. Nonetheless, there is this magical intervention between the repetition of words whereby you will find yourself memorizing new Chinese words and phrases within no time. It is like listening to a song over and over again; finally, you get to know the lyrics. Luckily the Chinese language application understands these magical intervals for repetition. It, therefore, uses them to ensure that you permanently pick up Chinese words and phrases. Today, the app has been trusted by millions of people across the globe as the best way to learn Chinese fast online using their mobile devices. If you have been searching for ways how to learn Chinese online, then this is the app of choice for you.


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