How to Learn Chinese Characters Fast & Easily

By OptiLingo

The Chinese language only contains 3,000 characters, but many find this to be an overwhelming amount of characters to learn. Especially when it comes to a new language that they have the desire to master. Sure, you’ll be able to read Chinese news and carry out conversations, but it’s something that’d overthought more times than not. However, it’s not supposed to be like that, there are certain things that one can do in order to effectively learn Chinese characters fast.

The good thing about the Chinese language is that the individual characters contain small clues to lead one to the bigger picture and help them single out each character. Over time, as you build upon your knowledge of Chinese characters, doors will open leading you to the opportunity to embrace unconventional methods of becoming fluent in Chinese. Here’s the take on something that gets asked the most: what is the easiest way to learn Chinese characters?

Your Path to the Fastest Way to Learn Chinese Characters: Comprehending the Elements

Just like with the characters of other languages, Chinese characters consist of smaller parts which make it up in its entirety. By breaking it down you’ll not only know how to learn Chinese characters fast, it will become easier to understand. You’ll find that breaking them down like this is essential in the beginning, and eventually you won’t even need to do this. Just like when you first learned your native language.

If you’re a visual learner, this is going to be great news. Learning Chinese characters quickly always starts off with visual identification as it’s how the character are meant to be interpreted in the first place. For example, you’ll find that is a character that’s used when talking about people. Oftentimes, it’s combined with another character to demonstrate what it’s associated with or in the act of doing.

It’s obvious, you’re craving the chance to fulfill your need of putting the curiosity to rest. Let’s get to it then, here’s an example of the base character being coupled with others to spell out its entire purpose. , as in or is one of the most common combinations used in daily conversations. You see where the characters were formed to be used together in unity? This is demonstrating that it has to do with two people doing something, as a group. , as seen in , means to sit, or two people are sitting, notice how it visually appears as one sitting down or in the latter two people sitting?

The Chinese language is a very visual language and one can really see the difference when they start comparing it to other languages. Therefore, the easiest way to learn Chinese characters is through visual methods. This brings up the next critical piece of the best way to learn Chinese words. If you can relate certain parts of the characters to certain things, such as trees, water, or cities, you’ll be able to recall it easier as well as make sure it sticks with you for the long-term. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the roots of the Chinese language and learn what’s behind each character, it’s just a proven tactic as far as how to learn Chinese words fast.

Will Spatial Recognition Software (SRS) enable me to learn Chinese characters fast?

With the advancement of technology has come the advancement of simplicity, and the linguistics industry is one that has seen it come from many directions. This has led to the development of Spatial Repetition Software which is culminated from many language pros around the world. This doesn’t mean it’s the only way how to learn Chinese characters quickly, it’s just the easier approach.

The concept of this language software is to identify your retention abilities and bring the word back up to you before you lose it from your thoughts and miss out on the opportunity you had to discover how to learn Chinese words fast. In turn, it enhances memorization and provides you with the easiest way to learn Chinese characters, just think about it like optimization for your brain. It repeats this for many sessions so you can retain it for the long-term before it drifts away.

Many software titles of this kind focus on speed to enable you to discover how to learn Chinese characters quickly, but this isn’t always the best method. It has been proven many times that repetition always beats out speed when it comes to learning and retaining knowledge. An added benefit dependent on the software you go with is that certain applications will also allow you to sharpen up your Chinese typing skills to boost your overall results. That’s going the extra mile to learning a new language.

Putting it into action via real-life experience helps one learn Chinese characters quickly.

Science has played a big part in refining the ways that one can learn a new language, and it has come to the point where it is now widely known that the strongest form of memory is when association with the new concept(s) is fully embraced. This is formally known as episodic memory.

If you want to really figure out how to learn Chinese characters fact, this part is for you. No longer can anyone afford to wait in order to learn how to unlock the potency of becoming fluent in another language, it’s the day that you jump on the opportunity before you right this minute. The best way to enhance this form of memory is to immerse yourself fully in the language and the culture, but unless you’re in China it’s not going to be as easy as it is to tell someone about it.

A supplemental approach to not being around the environment where you can embrace the opportunity to submerse yourself in the culture, language, and wisdom for a quicker approach is none other than using what the digital world brings before you. Typing and interactive language course have proven to be the way to go for those who want to know how to learn Chinese characters fast, and yes that means all 3,000 of them that exist.

Now toss in the added benefit of the research that has been put into these technologies to ensure that they’re able to provoke the learning process to go to new levels. This has led to uncovering the best way to learn Chinese words fast without it being too demanding on oneself. This is what you call the advancement of civilization as we know it, and you just walked right into it. Lucky you!

Many will try to tell you that going to be complex, if not impossible to take on the fastest way to learn Chinese characters. However, they probably didn’t have this language hack in front of them when they tried to dive into it. Don’t let the knockers discourage you, prove them wrong as you submerse yourself into the life that only those with determination are able to unlock. Once you start getting the feel for its usage and you start associating it with activities, it will fell almost as natural as your native language.

Of all these approaches, what is the easiest wath to learn Chinese characters?

If you thought it was already good, there’s one more thing that you need to know. Using this type of language training opens the door to what the internet is all about. Connecting to other parts of the world digitally. You can couple the software approach with a virtual language tutor to really accelerate your results and enhance your learning experience.

Of course, you may want to keep in mind that even if they’re a local tutor, it still connects you with a native Speaker who will make the process a lot easier. This is something that they couldn’t do until we saw the advancement of technology. Even then it took years to get here. We saved the best for last, and you should’ve known that already. It is the way it goes, but now you have the complete understanding of the answer to the age-old question: what is the easiest way to learn Chinese characters?