Chineasy: The Easiest Way to Learn Chinese

By OptiLingo

Chineasy can be perfectly described as the perfect way of learning Chinese using talk, play as well as speech. And what makes Chineasy the easiest way to learn Chinese is because it combines all these mediums in such a fluid manner which in turn makes it very convenient when it comes to teaching Chinese to both kids as well as adults who don’t have the time to take Chinese classes. Thankfully, the platform is not only easy to access but also very inexpensive as it turns out.

How Chineasy Works and Why the Platform Matters

Ever since its inception by ShaoLan Hsueh who was trying so desperately to teach her children Chinese. Being the smart entrepreneur that she is, ShaoLan opted to come up with a system that was not only going to make learning Chinese quite easy but lots of fun as well. And that’s how the Chineasy idea was born.

In order to make it work perfectly for her kids, ShaoLan wanted to come up with a fun system that was audio-visual in nature, hence the playful visual method that was developed in the coming years. One glance at the app and the first thing you’ll realize is how easy it is to navigate it. And the good news is that it can be used by both children as well as adults. I mean come on! Who doesn’t want to have fun learning?

By March of 2014, Chineasy did their very first publication dubbed ‘Chineasy, The New Way to Read Chinese’. The first publication came in the form of postcards, flashcards, and a memory game as well. This time around, it just wasn’t an idea or a virtual game but it was expanding and hence appealing to a much wider variety that comes with a whole different people.

There is also a second Chineasy publication that launched in March of 2016. The second publication goes a notch higher as far as complexity is concerned as it teaches the learners well over 400 Chinese characters, phrases as well as sentences. These 400+ characters, phrases, and sentences are considered the most useful in the Chinese language.

This means that you can only get to the second publication after completing the first one if you want your learning of the Chinese language to proceed quite smoothly. But there is absolutely no harm in jumping to the second publication especially if you feel very confident in yourself. But doing so would only mean that you won’t need the first publication which will be totally fine at the end of the day.

The fact that Chineasy helps learners advance from one level to the next while playing and having fun is exactly what makes it stand out from the other apps as well as publications. After the second publication, Chineasy made its first appearance on Duolingo in the form of a set of digital flashcards.

They quickly followed this milestone with a 7-minute podcast on a daily basis dubbed “Talk Chineasy” which is hosted by ShaoLan herself. This was a very important addition since learners will always face difficulties and ShaoLan is always there to make sure that everything has been sorted out as quickly and as effectively as possible.

ShaoLan is always accompanied with lively guests who also discuss cultural insights that in turn help the listeners understand the background of certain phrases as well as words. Watching these podcast can help you grasp the language quite easily. All you need to do is mark the time of streaming and make sure you are available to enjoy all the useful bits of information being given to you or your kids.

Some of the topics that are often discussed in the daily ‘Talk Chineasy” podcast includes most recent events, business affairs, arts, dining, everyday happenings, health, leisure, greeting, family, love, nature, numbers, outdoors, shopping, technology and a plethora of other day-to-day topics. That means tuning in will not only be enjoyable but a very important learning experience for you.

If you aren’t into any of the above-mentioned mediums that Chineasy offers, then you can check out the Chineasy tiles. After its successful launch in May of 2017, a lot of kids, as well as adults, found it quite enchanting learning Chinese using tiles. It was not only a game changer but also a breath of fresh air as far as language learning was concerned.

Naturally, this brand new Chineasy asset attracted a lot of eyeballs and by extension, feedback, most of which was incredible. Most of the kids who were trying the Chineasy tiles were getting a grip on the Chinese language without even knowing it. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Chineasy tiles were followed by the launch of the Chineasy blocks later that year (in October of 2017 to be specific).

One greatest thing about the Chineasy platform is the fact that they always keep innovating for the sake of their esteemed customers. And that’s exactly why it comes highly recommended. Thanks to its new ideas, its almost always easy for you to not only get a learning medium that tickles your fancy but have a blast while learning Chinese. And that’s what learning a new language is supposed to be all about – easy and lots of fun.

Honors Chineasy Has Scooped So Far

The fact that Chineasy the easiest way to learn Chinese has won quite a number of respectable accolades over the short period it has been on the market just goes to show how effective it is as far as teaching the Chinese language is concerned.

These prestigious accolades the app has scooped so far include the Wallpaper Design Award 2014 Life-Enhancer of The Year, an Oscar Award in Design Industry as well as a Design Museum Design Of The Year 2014 Visitor Vote.


In as much as hard work and dedication are key when it comes to learning Chinese, the way you choose to learn the language also matters a great deal. Thankfully, Chineasy the easiest way to learn Chinese was designed to give you that exact option. Apart from being very simple in its design, the application also allows you to have as much fun as you can irrespective of your age.

And if anything, having fun learning a language will without a doubt make it much more enjoyable in the long run. The app will also give you a plethora of options as far as learning Chinese is concerned. For instance, if you want to either speak, talk, play or do all three, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy doing all the above. Its no wonder the app has bagged all sorts of accolades mentioned above.