A Fun Way to Learn Chinese

By OptiLingo

Learning a second or third language while living in the United States can be an essential part of growing one’s intellectual lifestyle. Being able to adapt to different types of people and languages can break language barriers that people who only speak one language complain about. The process of learning a language can be time consuming, but in the long run it can be a rewarding experience. App developers have recently created apps that help make learning a new language a fun process where an individual forgets that a language has been learned. Learning Chinese has become a popular activity lately due to the increasing number of immigrants that have entered the United States. To learn Chinese in a fast and funny way could be a key aspect of quickly retaining a new language today.

In this website, the blog post shows a fast and funny way that people can learn Chinese easily. When you first go to the website, you see a list of Chinese terms with their English meaning beside them. The article states that one should read through the entire post to learn some new Chinese phrases. As one begins to read through the article, there seems to be some funny ways to say the Chinese words that almost sound like the English language. If you go through the article and read through the translations fast, you will find yourself laughing at the way that the translations sound funny.



To give some examples, Take the phrase: That’s not right. The Chinese translation to that phrase is Sum Ting Wong. When you first read the translation it looks and sounds like a Chinese translation. When you read the translation a second time faster, you notice that the Chinese translation sounds like “Something’s Wrong.” After reading the translation, it may not seem like that Chinese phrase is correct, but after reading through all translations you realize that the phrases definitely not true. They are all phrases that are part of a joke. One other phrase says: Are you harboring a fugitive. The Chinese translation in the blog says: Hu Yu Hai Ding. In English it sounds like: Who you hiding? One again if one has not picked up on the joke by now, they eventually will when the article is read through at least three or four times. Below you can find a list of the rest of the translations from English to the Chinese language.

In order to speak Chinese in minutes try these phrases:

  • Thats not right…….. Sum Ting Wong (Something Wrong)
  • Are you harboring a fugitive………………. Hu Yu Hai Ding (Who You Hiding)
  • See me ASAP…….. Kum Hia Nao (Come Here Now)
  • Stupid Man…….. Dum Fuk (Dumb Fuck)
  • Small horse… Tai Ni Po Ni(Tiny Pony)
  • Did you go to the beach?… Wai Yu So Tan (Why You So Tan)
  • I bumped in to a coffee table… Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni (I Banged My Fucking Knee)
  • I think you need a face lift… Chin Tu Fat (Chin Too Fat)
  • It’s very dark in here… Wao So Dim (Why So Dim)
  • I thought you were on a diet… Wai Yu Mun Ching (Why You Munching)
  • This is a tow away zone… No Pah King (No Parking)
  • staying out of sight… Lei Ying Lo (Laying Low)
  • He’s cleaning his automobile… Wa Shing Ka (Washing Car)
  • Your body odor is offensive… Yu Stin Ki Pu (You Stinky Poo)
  • Great… Fa Kin Su Pah (Fucking Super)

As you can see, anyone reading these Chinese phrases could learn Chinese fast and in a funny way, by realizing that all the translations are similar to the English language. If only learning a second or third language could be that easy. With the blog article provided, one could easily learn some of the Chinese language in less than five minutes. For another example, take the Spanish language. There are many words that are similar or the same as the English language. Words like ‘carro’ and ‘sal’ can be easily translated to ‘car’ and ‘salt.’ If only more people in the United States would be willing to learn another language, it would break the language barrier issues and in my opinion would relieve some racial tension that is witnessed in the country today. A breakdown in foreign languages is an essential part of bridging the gap between many different forms of life.


Joke methodology

Educational institutions should implement these types of ways to learn a new language in a fast and funny way. When entertainment is used with an educational way of teaching, it allows the student to focus their attention on the task at hand and allows the information to be retained easily. If only I were able to learn Chinese in college this way, I believe that I would be able to retain what I have learned and also be able to help others in the process. In a recent study at Harvard University, a focus group was given the opportunity to learn a trade. In the instructional video that was shown to the focus group, the learned trade was coupled with a few comedians that made jokes throughout the process. What the students found was that the focus group was able to retain what they learned not only from being entertained by the jokes.

The jokes were related to the instructions in the video and the information was better retained by all people in the focus group. They were even able to give back the instructions from the video step-by-step for others to learn. However, not all institutions embrace foreign languages on a personal level. Recently a group of Asian students at a highly accredited institution were told by their professor to stop speaking their native language. The professor told the students to speak in English because he was unsure what the students were discussing. He assumed the student were speaking in a malicious manner since he was unaware of what they were discussing. If only that professor took a moment of his life to learn another language in a fun manner, he would have been more acceptable of the Chinese language that was spoken around him.



If learning something new and exciting is something that you enjoy, then hop on over to the link above to take a second and get a quick lesson on learning a second language. Not only is it a fundamental piece of learning for future endeavors, but it will also allow you to broaden your learning experience of another country’s culture. In the United States today, there are many different ethic backgrounds and languages that we are surrounded by and learning about many of these different cultures and languages would allow everyone to become accustomed to different lifestyles without feeling frustrated about hearing a language that is a mystery to them.